She Finally Quit… It’s Over

marie yovanovitch retires
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The woman at the heart of the Donald J. Trump impeachment has finally quit her job.

Former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanavitch has officially retired from her position at the State Department.

Retiring in Disgrace

Yovanovitch has been portrayed by Democrats as an exemplary employee.

For all I know, she may have been, but that was long before Trump ever took office.

From the reports we have seen since Trump took office was someone that was deeply undermining national security and the President of the United States.

If we are to believe Rudy Giuliani and his sources, Yovanovitch was telling her contacts in Ukraine to hold off because Trump was going to be impeached and removed from office.

Democrats believe Giuliani was plotting to have her removed from office, but he stated he was merely providing reports on her, although he did believe she should have been removed based on what he learned.

He stated, “I just gave them the facts.

“I mean, did I think she should be recalled?

“I thought she should have been fired.”

During her testimony, she enraged conservatives with her obvious bias.

Her House testimony brought her into the spotlight, though, something she was hoping would never happen.

Privacy Gone

From the days of the hearing, Yovanovitch claims her life has been a mess.

She stated, “It’s been a difficult time. I mean, I’m a private person.

“I don’t want to put all that out there, but it’s been a very, very difficult time because the president does have the right to have his own or her own ambassador in every country in the world.

“There’s a question as to why the kind of campaign to get me out of Ukraine happened, because all the president has to do is say he wants a different ambassador and in my line of work … all we have is our reputation and so this has been a very painful period.”

Her departure marks the fourth State Department official to retire after having been tied to the impeachment and most Trump supporters would say good riddance.

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  1. Your fired …. but time too . Funny how after their ran through the mud they cry foul . Do your job and this won’t have happened . I don’t know about you , but I want to know everything about everyone running for president of my country . And if there’s any doubt then it should be checked . And when they got real proof … then take them out of the race … not build them up . Unless your dirty your self and have to eat crap to win . Kind of like old Joe and the left wing nuts backing him

  2. All she had to do was her job to keep her reputation and not play snake games behind closed doors.. She was not raised in a democracy and does not have true respect for our system of government.

  3. I don’t think an “exemplary” employee helps a Vice President shake-down another country for a chunk of our Foreign Aid money paid to him to the tune of $900,000 in money that gets laundered through two other countries. What did she get out of it? If the State Department thinks she is an “exemplary” employee, maybe we should have a top to bottom investigation and purging at the State Department. Flush the deep-state and drain the swamp!!!

  4. When a site says that my comment is “awaiting moderation” that means no one aside from me is ever going to see it, so I bail out on them.

  5. Yovanovitch along with Sondman and Vinnman were fired by the President. This was the right and proper thing to do. When the President can no longer trust those around him, it is right and proper for him to replace them, and that is what Trump is doing.


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