Sharia Law Plot Leaked, Dems Secret Plans Revealed

Alert: U.S. Rep tries to push for Biden to appoint Muslim judges, Sharia Law Imminent

Focusing on the color of a candidate’s skin rather than the content of their character, Rep. Grace Meng and two law associations have called for Joe Biden to appoint Muslim judges to federal courts.

Grace Meng is the vice chair of the Democratic Party, and is attempting to use that influence to push Biden to appoint Muslim judges, should Biden win and Democrats retake the Senate.

On October 9, Meng delivered a letter to the Biden campaign, asking the presidential candidate and his running mate Kamala Harris to publicly commit to appointing Muslim judges to the federal judiciary.

The letter was drafted by two law organizations: the Muslim Bar Association of New York, and the South Asian Bar Association of New York.

“The judiciary today does not reflect the America it presides over. As of 2020, there is to our knowledge no appointed member of the federal judiciary who identifies as Muslim, nor has there ever been,” the letter states.

In the letter, Meng and the two law groups claim that Muslims have a nearly 400-year history in the American colonies and the United States, and try to assert that the first Muslims in the United States were trafficked as slaves from Africa.

Jihad Watch asks: “Did the letter cite Islam’s role in the transatlantic slave trade? Of course not. Nor does it say anything about the ongoing Islamic genocide against Christians in Africa. Anything about the black slavery that still persists in Libya, Mauritania, Algeria and Sudan? No.”

Should a letter that was primarily focused on grievance and identity politics influence a president to appoint certain people? Should members of the judiciary be focused on identity politics instead of the law? Or do these ideas set a bad precedent for our country?

Article IV, Clause 3 of the Constitution prohibits a religious test for any office. This clause states: “No religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” Should the founders have included a clause prohibiting a racial test as well?

A 2018 Pew report states that approximately 3.5 million Americans identify as Muslim.

According to the Queens Daily Eagle, Meng and the law organizations told Biden that “Representation is crucial as Americans demonstrate for equity and against discrimination, including anti-Islamic prejudice.”

The ideas put forth through identity politics are harmful to our society, and go against the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr., the man who most leftists that adhere to identity politics often cite as their hero. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” said King.

Jihad Watch explains: “The letter was intended for ignorant Leftist social justice warriors who have no clue about Islamic history, and who, instead of educating themselves, prefer to indulge in a victimhood narrative and wallow in guilt over things for which they were not responsible, comforting themselves with an unjustified feeling of moral superiority. All the while, they aid and abet Muslim Brotherhood interests.”

In their letter, Meng and the law associations conveniently forgot to include any names of Muslim judges they wish to be appointed by Biden. The letter focuses on why appointing members of a certain race is justified, but does not include any other qualifications. Apparently, affirmative action is the only thing on the minds of these people, even in positions where the only qualification should be knowledge of the law.


  1. No more Muslims in government or in America. They are disgusting lowlife stains on America. They beat their wives, rape their children. They won’t go by the laws or our constitution. They deserve nothing. Democrat party is evil and unamerican. No votes for democrats. You people who don’t have any idea about what the Democrat party is doing are just plain stupid. Uneducated fools. You listen to lies and deceit from the Democrat party. Joe Biden is a mentally ill. A idiot who is just there as a tool for socialism and communism and now sharia law. You people make me sick.

  2. Now this would be an interesting legal analysis. Would an Islamic ideology that includes it own religion and antithetical laws to the Constitution to enforce them (not to speak of a goal to literally take over the world) be allowed onto judicial positions to further undermine our society? There are some stories out there about a few lower court Muslim judges who have used Islamic laws to settle issues. This is wrong, and has been the impetuous of some states to confirm the Constitution and US laws trumping any foreign laws. (Similar issues are smoldering under the surface with the United Nations.)

    The 400 year history that Meng and the two law groups claim is centered around our war ships stopping the Islamic pirating of trade ships. The Muslims are the ones who trafficked in African slaves worldwide (and still do). If my memory serves, I think you’ll find that slavery was established throughout European colonization in the Americas. It took a civil war in America to stop this practice. America was not only the lowest user of slaves worldwide, we were the first country to stop using slaves. One of the great things about America, is that we always strive to be better. Slavery is a dark part of our history, which we tried to make up for with various Federal programs, which only resulted in the unintended excessive reliance on government aid by many, robbing them of their independence.

    Islamic prejudice in America is certainly understandable for the informed. There are factions within Islam, but they all trace back to the same source documents concerning the Islamic ideology….this is the problem.

  3. Unlike the far right politically, which vets potential Justices and judges in the extremist Federalist organization, the Democrats make a pool of potential judges from those most qualified. If any Muslim or Asian heritage/religion attorney or judge was so qualified, they would naturally rise to prominence and be eligible for choosing, not by their ethnicity or religion, but their performances. Amy Coney Barrett has been vetted for nomination to the Supreme Court bench by her stances against issues that mainstream Americans reject–abortion, healthcare and more. So it makes no sense for ‘affirmative action’ toward Muslims and Asians as described here and remaining neutral to positive toward progressive American living. The left, unlike the right, does not want to insert itself into the personal lives of individuals, labeled Muslim or Asian, but more importantly allows the rising tide of American ‘pursuit of happiness’ to prevail via merit.

  4. Putting a Muslim in office like that is asking for trouble . How many of our laws will change to suit the Muslim side of America . You really want them in control of our laws … how stupid are you dumb ass’s to even think of this . We know old joe and his bitch are , but is everyone else just as stupid ??? The delusional democrats just keep getting dumb and dumber . Guess you can’t fix stupid . If you don’t want to live in a Muslim world , vote for trimp or pay the price . You will lose every bit of any kind of rights you had living in a Muslim state . ask any vet that served over there what it’s like … they can tell you about the real way they live over there . The ones living here will tell you it’s great over there but they won’t live over there themself’s . Why is that one may ask . Now you know what’s in store either in the next year or the future , 4 more years . The delusional democrats really want to destroy our country by letting the Muslims take control of our country and our life’s . I will not live in that kind of world … are you willing to ??? A Vote for the delusional democrats is a vote to destroy us as a nation and a free people . Don’t be that stupid

    • Meng is a blithering idiot, she apparently doesn’t know how Muslims think about women. Dogs are treated better than women, they’re mere property and baby machine’s. Step out of line, they stone them. She is proof how stupid the democratic party has become.

  5. Why aren’t there any comments? Doesn’t anybody have anything to say? Or is it that you aren’t printing any comments?

  6. Don’t these dummy Democrats remember the little girl shot in the face because Shaira law allows it. Or the Lack of womans rights, the Dad killing his daughter to save family reputation, or maybe how a rape victum is stoned to death not the raper the raped woman gets to die. I almost hope that they get it thru and then the Muslims turn on their dumb butts. Because a Muslim hates American if you don’t believe me ask one or ask Obama.

  7. Being muslim is a choice not a race. But Pedo Joe and his Ho will certainly make the Promise if they believe it will get them votes. They care only for power and they will say and do anything to get that power. So we can expect to hear from them in the very near future saying they will do exactly this very thing.

  8. The influence they have is already too much. The Muslim brotherhood plan is, and always has been, to infiltrate the government and take over from the inside. They are chipping away and using fools to enable their nefarious objectives. If you doubt this, you are an ignorant fool.

  9. I have no problem with having a Muslim on the Supreme Court, as long as they realize that this country is governed by the Constitution of the United States. There is absolutely no room for rulings based upon any other set of rules (Shariah, for instance). If these folks have an overriding need to be governed by Shariah Law, there is almost half of the world where that condition is available. Go there and live the dream, but don’t think for a second that this Constitution can be bastardized to include Muslim ideas. These folks came here to avoid a certain kind of violence and part of the deal is we already have a tremendously workable form of government, which needs no changes. You want change-go home.


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