Sex Offender Thug Who Has Been Arrested Over a Hundred Times Viciously Attacks an Elderly Woman, But He is Now Paying the Ultimate Price


A man (read: one of these Obama thugs) who has made his mark for all of the wrong reasons was recently busted for shoving a 92-year-old Manhattan woman smack dab into a Manhattan fire hydrant. Now, due to the actions of this career criminal, this woman is terrified to walk alone, even in her own neighborhood. Interestingly enough, this man actually has 100 arrests to his name, including some for various sex offenses. 

The victim was a woman named Geraldine, and she recently spoke to the New York Post regarding this incident and after the cops had arrested convicted sex offender Rashid Brimmage, 31, and charged him with attacking this woman. 

“I first felt that a brick had hit me or something had hit me on the left side of my head,” Geraldine said. “I immediately went down fast and my head hit against the hydrant. There was a lot of blood coming out. Thank goodness it wasn’t spurting, but it was definitely dripping.” Naturally, Geraldine did ask the post not to reveal her last name for her own safety. I can’t say I blame her, considering that thugs are now attacking elderly people. 

This monster slammed her against that fire hydrant, and she lay on the ground bleeding until a passing Good Samaritan called 911. The first-responding medics took her to the nearest hospital, which was the Beth Israel campus.  

The former teacher has never married but she is dating an 89-year-old lawyer. She told the Post that her wounds have healed since they were relatively minor. However, the attack has taken a very severe mental toll on her. 

“I’m very shaken mostly,” she said. “Yes, my head still hurts where I hit that hydrant – or is it where that criminal hit me – I’m not really sure.” 

“Yes, it’s definitely mainly psychological,” she continued. “It’s mostly the fear of going on the street by myself because of these thugs.” 


“There’s no question that this damned guy has got me in a terrible state. I’m very fearful to walk the streets alone now, and my super’s been real nice, trying to find somebody who will walk with me to a nearby park or to the grocery store, things like that. That’s about the problem right there.” 

For his part, this Brimmage thug was busted by the police after those investigating the surveillance video of the attack immediately recognized him from the video footage. I might be digressing here, but what does that tell you about thugs like this? 

There is no question that the man has been a frequent offender. He has been arrested 103 times for various petty offenses since 2005, according to various sources. 

This ugly creep and thug has garnered convictions of sexual misconduct in 2012, and he was arrested for a couple of sex offenses a couple years later, the local police said. In May of 2014, they busted him for exposing himself and fondling himself in an East Harlem neighborhood. In July of 2014, police arrested him for grabbing a woman from behind at a deli on Third Avenue. 

He failed to notify authorities that he had changed his address in 2017 and that he had to register as a sex offender, according to New York state records. 

Interestingly enough, when Brimmage attacked this woman, he already had three open criminal cases in this city. 

Court records show that he was arrested February 17 for a misdemeanor assault and harassment in regards to an incident in the Bronx a week prior. The judge released him without bail in that case. However, the thug was also arrested for trespassing in the Bronx in March and got a summons for trespassing. They also arrested him on March 9 in Manhattan because he was in possession of a controlled substance, and also attempted assualt, and assault. He was only given a desk appearance ticket and he needed to return to the court at the end of July. 

Gee, the criminal justice system sure seems to be a revolving door for this man, doesn’t it? I sure hope these judges decides to slap him with some type of habitual charge before he does something really terrible, like murdering somebody. It’s time to face some consequences, buddy. 



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