Settlement Forces DEA to Admit to 47-year-old Scandal That is Turning Americans Stomachs


A recent legal settlement has forced the Drug Enforcement Administration to admit it has been breaking the law. Their monopoly to sell pot has been totally exposed. Lawyers for the DEA were forced to hand over a disturbing memo last week, which was written in 2018, confirming that the DOJ’s legal advisers declared “the DEA has had an illegal, 47-year monopoly on cultivating and distributing marijuana that is used for research purposes in the United States.”

Settlement exposes the truth

After Dr. Sue Sisley had been fighting for two years in court to get some decent drugs, a controversial settlement has been reached. It forced the DEA to turn over a smoking gun memo. Dr. Sisley has been conducting clinical trials in Arizona’s Scottsdale Research Institute since 2018, exploring the potential for marijuana to help people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

She has a huge problem with her pot dealer. She can’t get her hands on any real bud to test out, because her supplier only hooks her up with a “powdery mishmash of stems, sticks and leaves.” The reason she gets stuck with the leftover shake is because the particular cartel she’s forced to trade with has an illegal monopoly. All she wants is some of the same stuff everyone else gets, straight from the dispensary. She still can’t get any of the high potency ganja after the settlement, but now she knows why.

Ever since 1973, the National Center for Natural Products Research at the University for Mississippi is the only grower allowed to “produce marijuana for research.” Mexican ditch weed is better quality. They don’t put out anywhere near the sticky, skunky chronic most Americans are toking, legally or under the counter.

What’s really shocking isn’t that the recently disclosed memo from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel says the “47-year-old arrangement has always been illegal.” The disturbing part is that the Department of Justice feels “the arrangement is not restrictive enough.”

Simple solutions but nobody wants to hear them.

It turns out there was a reason why the DEA didn’t want to follow through on a promise they made in 2016. They agreed then to “allow for more than one government-contracted marijuana supplier.” The settlement releases documents from that. Dr. Sisley has a couple simple solutions. For one, the DEA could “exempt licensed Schedule I marijuana researchers from having to obtain a separate registration to manufacture marijuana, provided those researchers agree not to distribute any marijuana they manufacture.”


Another idea, which some say is even better, is to “permit licensed Schedule I marijuana researchers to obtain marijuana from state-legal dispensaries.” That would be too simple for the DOJ. They’re still implementing the Reefer-madness inspired policies of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who practically feels that every marijuana smoker should face the death penalty.



  1. The whole drug industry to keep it illegsl was done by the people who are making a lot of tax free money, just like during Prohibition, when th crroks of the time made all th money and forcced the honest alcohol distillers out of business either by forcing them out or buying at a cheap price thn suddenly alcohol was legal again. The same has been happening since the 1950, the people make afortune in the drug business then start a legitamate business. now haw can a person who 5 years ago wasfacing repossession of his assetts, his trucks, cars, airplane and home, 5 years later afford to but a $10 million dollar dealship for new cars, when that person seems to have no income source. In my opinion these persons getting into the retail WEED business should be fully investigated back no less trhan 10 years to see where their money and connections were and are.

  2. I really have no use for marijuana or for people who use it and double for people who grow it. More and more I’m deciding I have no use for government either. Every day I find some new thing that causes me to think there must be something better-however, I am positive that all of the alternatives to our government are a very distinct step down. If it were in my power, I would initiate a law making it clear that the penalty for not following our Constitution to the letter would be death by hanging. Every step the government takes which opposes the Constitution makes the country less livable and much less hospitable.


    I try to live by the GOLDEN RULE. “Do unto other as you would have others do unto you”.


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