GOP Operative Found Dead, Following Threat To Expose Massive Cover up

Seth Rich

Oh What A Web We Weave When We Practice To Deceive

A long time Clinton investigator Peter W. Smith was found dead in his hotel room. Smith was deep into investigating Hilary Clinton’s missing emails.

The death has been reported as a suicide, but there were immediate alarms going off. Mr. Smith was actively investigating the Clinton’s. Shortly before Smith died, he was reaching out to Russian hackers in an attempt to locate Clinton’s missing emails.

Many insiders say that Smith’s death is extremely suspicious, given that type of investigation Smith was in the middle of when he died. This unfolding event, Smith’s death is alarming, as now another person involved in investigating one of the Clinton’s was found dead.

There have been several others that have died under extremely suspicious circumstances. A former employee of the Democratic National Committee Seth Rich, who died in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington D.C. in 2016.

Police said Seth Rich had two bullet wounds in his back. The police also said that Rich was the victim of a robbery that escalated to murder.

The people that killed him have never been found, and a definitive motive for Rich’s murder has never been determined.


Seth Rich Was A Disgruntled Former DNC Employee Who Regularly Said “He Would Talk”

Many people who were close to Rich shortly before he was murdered, claimed that he had ‘dirt on Hilary Clinton’ and he wanted to expose her.

Ten days before Smith’s body was found, he participated in an interview with ‘The Wall-street Journal’. In the interview he talked about his efforts to locate Hilary Clinton’s ‘lost emails’.

Smith had been keeping an online journal about the steps he was taking in his attempts to locate the Clinton emails. The blog was quickly shut down, shortly after Smith’s body was found in a hotel room in Minnesota.

At the time of his death, police said he was found with a bag over his head. They also said they found a suicide note near his body. The note said, ‘he had been sick for a long time, and he decided to take his own life’.

Law Enforcement said just the note in and of itself is suspicious. “Why would someone committing suicide write a note like that”, law enforcement asked out loud.

Smith’s Suicide Note Also Indicated That A Life Insurance Policy Was About To Expire

The note that was found near Smith’s body said that he had some health issues lately. He also said his life insurance policy for five million dollars was about to expire.

So he decided to end his life. The hotel was a very short distance to the Mayo Clinic. According to law enforcement Smith had been a guest at the hotel for at least five days, he had extended his stay there one time.

He was supposed to check out on the day his body was found. Smith was seen working on a computer at the hotel business center. He told the hotel staff that he was going to be checking out in the morning.

Smith who was 81 at the time of his death was reportedly being treated for heart issues at the Mayo clinic. The spokesperson for Mayo would not confirm any of Smith’s medical issues or confirm that he was a patient there.

This is considered to be an ongoing investigation, with information coming in daily.





    • Hillaryvirus. Obviously suicide but how did he shoot himself in the back and place a sack over his head? Still being investigated? In Minnesota?

  1. Just lock the Clintons’ up on Jefferies island with no way off, God knows they know their way around, cut all communication to the outside world. Continue investigations and the killings will stop. Once they connect the dots and everyone realizes Trump was right when he said LOCK HER UP! Put her ass in prison and leave good old Bill on the island all by himself.

  2. Funny how so many that had dealings with the CLIToons have committed Arkancide.

    Imagine that cankled liar ruining, er, running this country.

  3. This was back in October of 2019?? Why are you just now covering this story? Anyway, just another poor soul to add to the Clinton’s body count. Too many “coincidences”. Yeah, right. ????

  4. oh give me a break… it’s not like any of these victims were your average joe/neighbor… they lived and worked in DC for the government… they didn’t live in a bubble where copies of whatever they were working on weren’t kept in numerous places including the cloud… now, investigators, get on these “suspicious ” suicides/murders/accidents etc… we’re waiting to hear back….

  5. Where is FBI, DOJ in this situation?
    To many suicides, either shot, or stabbed in the back have been discovered. These poor victims were all associated with crocked Hillary.
    How can anyone get away with so many criminal acts?
    Democrats, as we know, find life to be cheap, killing unborn babies. Lying to destroy our President and America is their only purpose in life.

  6. My post was deleted, som liberal obviously didn’t like to post the truth.

    Clinton is a cold hearted criminal, Period! FBI, doJ let her get away for years. No one commits suicide shot in the back, or similar ridiculous actions.


  7. Law Enforcement is just as guilty as the Clintons and who is their hit man. They go along with every situation of suicide and never investigate the case. Seth Rich, Washington Police are guilty of accessory to go along with the killing of this young man, This suicide? the police of Minnesota are guilty accessory to call this a suicide, law enforcement around the country are working for the Clintons. Period. They are just as guilty of covering up any killings associated with the Clintons. Are they on the Clinton payroll or have they been scared to to do their jobs as a law enforcement agency. My guess, I think they are all being paid off and look the other way. Even that whistleblower in Sacramento, Ca. was not a suicide, by the the law enforcement is again being paid off. I guess anyone in law enforcement can be paid off today. CORRUPT TO THE CORE.

  8. Two things to think about 1) Rich was supposed to be a robbery gone bad but NOTHING was taken. He was found hours after his death so why did he have his Valuables if it were a robbery??? 2) People rarely use suffocation as a Suicide method. Too easy to rip the bag off. There are many many others who died of “Suicide” that anyone one with a brain would say NO way it was Suicide. Like Vince Foster. Not enough blood at scene and that supposed Suicide note. I mean Hitlery found it over a week after his death. It was a bright yellow sheet of legal pad paper in a dark brown briefcase. Now how could the police miss it having searched the otherwise empty briefcase Multiple times?? The only people that incompetent worked for Hitlery’s 2016 Campaign.

  9. Well the Clinton Arkancide Squad took out another Clinton Enemy ! When in the Hell will these Murdering Clintons be arrested, tried, and Executed for all the Murders ? They must be throwing a party after each and ever death ! When will there be a reward for any information concerning these deaths ?

  10. Compare the handwriting on the Smith note with the handwriting on Vince Fosters’ note, then compare those with Hillary’s writing.


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