Senator Lindsey Graham to Step Down

Key Trump supporter stepping down from leadership position.

Lindsey Graham

One of Trump’s biggest allies in the Senate is about to step down from his leadership role.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is reportedly going to step down as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee if Republicans hold the Senate in 2020.

Stepping Down or Pushed Out?

Graham has come under considerable heat from Democrats for stacking the courts with Trump nominees.

This, of course, means he has become a favorite of conservatives who are sick and tired of the judiciary being dominated by liberal judges.

That, however, is all about to end after the 2020 elections if Republicans manage to hold onto the Senate.

The former chairman of the Judiciary, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), left the committee to become the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

He is about to hit his term limit and he has informed Senator Graham that he is going to use his senior ranking to take back the Judiciary chair.

Graham, however, did not seem to object, at least publicly.

He stated, “He has, I think, two more years.

“I’d honor any request that he wants to make.”

Still Strong

While losing Graham on the committee may be construed as an opening for Dems, Grassley has done his fair share of fighting for President Trump.

You may recall, it was Grassley who chaired the fight against Dems for both of Trump’s Supreme Court nominees.

Graham has only been in charge of the Judiciary since January, which has helped his profile with South Carolina voters as well as making him gain favor with Trump supporters around the country.

What is unclear, though, is if Grassley will take up Graham’s fight against the impeachment.

Graham has been adamant that if Dems want to play dirty, he has no problem using the Senate to start investigations against Democrats, including an investigation similar to the origins investigation currently underway at the DOJ and being run by U.S. Attorney John Durham.

Grassley is old-school, so he may not be willing to work with Trump on that front as much as Graham was willing to do.

I liken this to the “Godfather” when Tom was removed as the wartime consigliere, but we may actually have the reverse of that happening here.

Graham has proven he is more than willing to dig in and defend the President during this impeachment… Will Grassley do the same?

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