Security Guard Shot Dead after Asking Shopper to Wear a Mask

Face Mask Confrontation Ends with Guard Shot Dead
photo via Daily Boulder

The fallout over enforced social distancing continues to worsen. Now, a confrontation over a store policy ends with a security guard shot dead.

Guard Calvin Munerlyn was cruelly gunned down when he turned a customer away  from entering a Flint, Michigan, Family Dollar. And it was all over a face mask.

Security footage showed Munerlyn and Sharmel Teague, 45, getting into a verbal altercation after he informed her that her daughter needed a protective face mask to enter the store. 

Under Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s coronavirus executive order, citizens must wear masks in enclosed public spaces. If they do not comply, businesses can then turn them away. 

Teague lost it.

She started yelling and spitting at Munerlyn.  The guard then asked Teague to leave the store, instructing the cashier not to serve her. 

Teague and her daughter angrily drove away in a red GMC SUV.

Security footage shows that same vehicle returning about 20 minutes later.

Two men got out, Larry Teague, Sharmel’s husband, 44, and Ramonyea Bishop, her son, 23. They entered the store, and Larry Teague confronted  Munerlyn about supposedly “disrespecting” his wife. In cold blood, Bishop shot the guard in the back of the head.  The two men then quickly left the Family Dollar. 

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton charged Sharmel Teague, Larry Teague, and Ramonyea Bishop with murder. Sharmel is in custody, but her husband and son are still at large. 

A Guard Shot Dead Lives on in the Hearts of the Community

Calvin Munerlyn, known to most as “Duper” left behind a wife and nine children. Beloved by the community, he was named Parent of the Year by his children’s school just days before his murder.

The award is being renamed the “Super Duper” Parent Award, in his honor.

A GoFundMe page was set up with the goal of raising $10,000 to help his family pay for his funeral. But in two days, the community donated over $30,000.

Duper Munerlyn was just 43 years old.


  1. Black on Black murders makes up the vast majority of the shootings in America that democrats continue to use as the broad brush to paint honest gun owners in their efforts for “common sense” gun control.

  2. Shooting someone in the back of the head, actually sounds like a democrat killing, oh, so sorry, I mean suicide. I say that because of the 44 people getting ready to testify in court against the Clintons suddenly commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of their heads on sidewalks as they walk to their homes. Any way, why in God’s name would someone and a whole family get so mad over being told their kid had to have a mask when apparently the mother had a mask on so she must have known kids are supposed to be wearing them too when out in a busy store like Walmart. In reality, whenever I now enter a store in my area, I see very few if no kids, the parents must be leaving them home. In the grocery stores especially I have not seen a kid since when the virus started. Any way, this family needs to get control of their tempers, oh, right, too late and they kill a young father with many kids over their tempers. Disrespecting his wife indeed, right, sounds like a gang member telling someone you disrespected me and now you’re dead. You gotta earn respect and it ain’t by killing someone in the back of the head or killing someone period.


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