Second Person Dead After Boat Collision With ‘Shark Tank’ Star Kevin O’Leary

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Shark tank star Kevin Oleary in hot water following tragic boat accident

Shark Tank Star Kevin O’Leary In The Hot Seat After 2nd Person Dies After A Boating Accident

A boating accident took the life of a second person, a woman on Wednesday morning. The boat was driven by Kevin O’Leary’s wife, Linda O’Leary, Kevin’s wife since 1990. O’Leary a native and resident of Canada, was also on board the boat, when the accident occurred on Saturday.

The accident happened on Lake Joseph in Ontario Canada. One man died instantly, he was identified as Gary Poltash, 64, who was on vacation in Canada from Florida. The second fatality, has been identified as Susanne Brito,48, of Canada. Brito was seriously injured, and airlifted to a hospital, where she remained in critical condition until she died early Wednesday.

Authorities in Canada say that Linda O’Leary the captain of the boat, took a breathalyzer on the scene and passed. The boat is owned by the couple, and is accused of leaving the scene of the accident.

Shark Tank Star Claims The Other Boat’s Lights Were Not Working & Caused The Accident

Kevin O’Leary told investigators, that the other boat’s navigation lights were either not on or not working. However passengers on the other boat claim O’Leary’s boat immediately left the scene before police arrived.

Sources connected to O’Leary told TMZ that he’s trying to get the video of the area. The video O’Leary says will completely exonerate him and his wife. It will show according to the ‘Shark Tank’ star that the lights on the other boat in fact did not work. The other boat owner told authorities the lights were on and working.

In an official statement by O’Leary, “Late Saturday night I was a passenger on my boat. Our boat collided with another vessel that had no navigation lights on. The other boat fled the scene immediately, I am cooperating with authorities.

Kevin O’Leary Says That ‘Out Of Respect For Those That Have Died No More Comments Now

O’Leary and his wife, have a home on Lake Joseph, they also have homes in Vancouver, and Los Angeles. O’Leary said he offers his prayers to all of those affected by this tragedy. Three other people were hurt in the accident, they were treated at a hospital and released.

Canadian police seized O’Leary’s boat on Monday and towed it to a marina. A police source said ‘forensic testing will be performed on the inside and outside of the boat’. O’Leary is a Canadian businessman best know for his role on ‘Shark Tank’ since 2009. He appeared on the Canadian equivalent of ‘Shark Tank’, ‘Dragon Den’ for a few years.

The couple have a successful wine company called ‘O’Leary Wines’, and have two children. They also have homes in Boston, and Geneva, Switzerland. Gary Poltash’s brother said, that ‘he hopes this entire thing was just a tragic accident’. ‘I really hope there is nothing more to it,’ the Florida man said. He said he’s waiting for all of the police reports to come back before he comments further.



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