Sean Hannity Exposes Hillary’s Bizarre Conspiracy Claim

Has Hillary Clinton lost her mind?

Sean Hannity

Hillary Clinton appears to have been spending far too much time reading far-left blogs these days.

After accusing Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) of being a Russian asset, Clinton later claimed that “10-year-olds are hacking our voting systems and the networks that connect them.”

Out of Her Mind

Just the other day, President Trump said Hillary Clinton was crazy, and that would seem to now qualify as an expert medical opinion.

Hillary’s inability to get over the 2016 presidential election has sent her into a tailspin that now has her spinning a variety of conspiracy theories to make herself look better in the eye of the public.

What benefit is it to Hillary to accuse a bottom-dwelling presidential candidate of being a Russian asset?

This is a decorated member of our service community and a United States congresswoman, but Hillary says she is cahoots with the Russians (that story sounds familiar, doesn’t it?).

Now, Hillary is already trying to scare Americans that our election systems are experiencing widespread hacking at the hands of 10-year-olds.

Where Is She Going with This?

The fact Hillary has crawled out from under her rock and is now spinning all these theories has started to generate a little bit of a buzz in the political world.

There are more than a few pundits that believe Hillary is actually considering making another run at the White House, where she would then join Joe Biden as a three-time candidate.

The thought process behind this is that Hillary is creating a narrative to show the American people she is the only Democrat that is seeing these problems, so she should be the Democrat nominee.

Hillary also apparently fears that nobody in the current race will be able to defeat Trump, so she wants to arrive on the White Horse to take down the evil that is Donald Trump.

Clinton has reportedly told her closest associates that she will only run again if she is sure that she can beat Trump, but she may not even be able to get out of the primary race!

Americans clearly want to move on from the Clintons and there seems to be very little interest by the public for a Hillary run, but it sure would be entertaining.

What would be even more entertaining would be to see Hillary taken out of her campaign headquarters by the men in the little white coats after she fails to win the presidency for the third time.

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