Seagull Steals Limelight, Sends Bikini Video Viral


Apparently, a woman who was filming herself on the beach in a string bikini in an attempt to go viral was upstaged by a friendly seagull!

This hilarious clip was shared to TikTok by a user named Danielleedixonn and it almost immediately went viral. In the clip, we can see that she is wearing a string bikini and she is jogging away from the camera to an ocean in San Diego, California.

Now, what was supposed to happen was that the camera was going to be focused on her slowly drifting off into the horizon, but instead, this is when an inquisitive seagull popped up into the camera lens and began poking around!

This bird is filmed with “Solar Power” by Lorde playing in the background, and it finally starts heading right toward the camera, ultimately covering the whole entire lens up completely!

The seagull video is captioned with “Today this seagull let me know that I’m actually not the main character #sandiego.”

The footage was posted on August 4th, and it has now been viewed at least 1.5 million times and it has been shared for a grand total of 4,000 times. When you consider that this video has also garnered as many as 438,000 likes, you can definitely see why it went viral!

There were all kinds of people that rushed to the comments section of the video, with some laughing at just how comical the piece came across. People from all walks of life were even in agreement that this funny video belonged in a film!

Indeed, there was one TikTok user named loudfailure who noted that this video sounded like “the end credits to a 2000’s comedy movie.”

Another individual wrote that watching the seagull had her laughing, imagining what it must have been like for the viewing to return to her phone and see it.

All in all, a very funny video for sure.