Scorpions Swarm City, Sting Hundreds of People


Scorpions can be very nasty creatures, and they apparently totally invaded one city in particular, stinging hundreds of their residents!

The storm totally swept over this ancient region, bringing a tremendous deluge of rain and making conditions very wet, to say the least. This city in Southern Egypt not only found itself under a flood advisory, but also under siege from a swarm of scorpions that had scurried into their community. They didn’t come quietly either!

The city of Aswan, Egypt is not only a community that is as old as time itself, but it is also a bustling region of over a million people. Thus, that is why these scorpions coming out would have the potential to be a serious problem, and sure enough, it was. They ultimately would go on to sting as many as 500 people.

The unsettling incident allegedly began last Friday evening when the torrential rains began totally pounding the city of Aswan, with widespread flooding being the main result.

As Aswan residents were busy dealing with the fallout of this poor weather, they were soon faced with a problem that was even more troubling. In a nutshell, the storm caused the region’s population of scorpions to come out of their underground burrows, taking shelter inside people’s homes.

It was Friday night alone when a staggering 503 people had been stung by the creepy creatures, forcing the country’s Ministry of Health to issue several warnings to residents in regards to the situation. Indeed, there are dozens of species of scorpions that live in Egypt, and they often possess some nasty venom. The most troubling types would be the fat-tailed scorpion, which has venom that can kill a person in an hour, and a species that has ominously nicknamed the “deathstalker” because even though their sting is less lethal, it can still kill children and unhealthy adults.

Luckily, the region is familiar with some of the dangers associated with these deadly creatures that have called this area home for thousands of years. That is why Aswan health officials have an ample supply of antivenom available for situations such as these. They rushed them to hospitals to treat those who had been afflicted by these nasty creatures. Meanwhile, there are now some enterprising individuals who are capturing the scorpions and selling their valuable venom to scientists and medical professionals!