School Forces Unvaxxed Teens to Wear Ankle Monitors


Segregation and discrimination are becoming more prevalent across the globe, teens are being forced to wear ankle monitors to distinguished the COVID unvaccinated.

Ankle Monitors Forced on Teens

A school in Washington has come under the spotlight due to reportedly forces teenage athletes to wear ankle monitoring devices in order to segregate those who choose not to inject themselves with mRNA-containing substances from those who have gotten the COVID vaccine.

At Eatonville High School, a 15-year-old girl alleges that she was made to wear an ankle monitor in order to go to volleyball practice. Both unvaccinated and vaccinated students who want to participate in team sports were made to put the tracking devices on.

The mother of the girl told The Post Millennial that her daughter played on the volleyball team and sent her a text saying she was being made to wear an ankle monitor.

Concerned Parents Sounds the Alarm

The mother drove to the school after her calls were left unanswered and talked to an employee and the coach.

She was then told that there was a meeting the week before where it was decided that unvaccinated teens would be forced to do the ankle monitoring program. The school alleges that this was all part of doing a contact tracing system if any students tested positive for COVID.

The school purchased the TraceTag device which is manufactured by Triax. Its website says that these devices are made for “maintaining social distancing guidelines” and to give “real-time insight into whether these guidelines are being observed.”

To make things even more ominous, the tracker gives “…a visual and audible alarm, so individuals know when to adjust their current distance to a proper social distance.”

Reality Setting In

The concept seems like one out of a horror or sci-fi movie, but the mom says that the coach, Gavin Kralik, said that this was mainly to let the students know if they were standing too close to one another. Because we wouldn’t want normal social interactions when dealing with a virus with a survival rate of almost 100% for teens.

As things like this become the norm, it is up to those young and old, teens and adults, moderate Democrats and Republicans to decide if freedom of choice will continue to be an American building block.