“A Fraudulent Crime On The American People”


As The Impeachment Inquiry Moves Forward President Trump Says It’s All Contrived

A huge revelation was made late Wednesday regarding the Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff, (D-CA). A spokesperson for Mr. Schiff admitted that the Whistle Blower, reached out to Adam before officially filing the complaint.

President Trump conducted a press conference as soon as that information was released. He publicly accused Adam of actually having a hand in the writing of the Whistle Blower complaint.

Schiff said in a televised interview prior to October 2nd that he had no direct communication with the Whistle Blower. However that leaves a little wiggle room, because the Whistle Blower could have contact with other committee members. Or possibly even members of Adam’s staff.

On Wednesday there has been some back peddling, a Schiff spokesperson said that Adam does not know who the Whistle Blower is. Further comments indicated that ‘Schiff has not met the Whistle Blower or their attorney for any reason’.

An aide to Schiff said on Wednesday that the Intelligence Committee had no contact with the Whistle Blower, but staff aide could be a different issue.

NBC (MSM) Reporter Ken Dilanian Called Out Adam Schiff & His Staff As Deceptive

Ken Dilanian is a National Security reporter for NBC (MSM) had a lot to say about Schiff and his practices. He said, “It shows that Schiff is a fraud, I think it’s a scandal that he knew before”.


During a joint press conference with President Trump and the President of Finland, there were several stones being thrown. Trump referring to Dilanian’s comments, said, “I’ll go one step further and say he probably helped write it. That’s a big story he knew long before, and he helped write it too, it’s a scam”.

Adam has made several disparaging claims against the President, since he took office in 2017, Many of the statements about Trump colluding with Russians in the 2016 election have failed to come to fruition.

In the past Trump has called the Congressman from California, ‘shifty Schiff,’ he has also called the entire impeachment inquiry, ‘fraudulent crime on the American people’. He also at one point on Wednesday called the investigation “bullsh**”.

As The Accusations Fly Donald Trump Becomes More & More Agitated

Donald Trump on Wednesday suggested that Adam ‘may have suffered some type of breakdown’. The President was referring to Schiff exaggerating and reciting false statements that Adam made about the July phone call in question.

Adam would later admit that some of his statements regarding the Trump call to the Ukrainian President was a parody. Former ABC (MSM) White House Correspondent and political commentator Brit Hume weighed in on the controversy on Wednesday.

Hume said, “Schiff defenders are saying there is nothing to see here. Regarding the Whistle Blower conferring with Schiff before the complaint was filed. If this is true, why didn’t Schiff just admit to that when he was asked.?”

Brit was also quoted saying

“Schiff knew how things would look so he said: ‘We have not spoken with the Whistle Blower’. If by ‘we’ he meant only himself, he’s being slippery. If by ‘we’ he meant himself and his staff he lied”.


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