Schiff Slips on Live TV, Admits Lie

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All throughout the impeachment inquiry, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has stated that he would allow Republicans to hear from the whistleblower.

All the while, Republicans have been calling him a liar, saying he has no intention of ever letting them question the person.

Schiff finally proved them all right, admitting that he has no intention of letting anyone speak to this person now.

No Longer Needed

While all of this was playing out, we could just tell that Schiff was going to do everything he could to back out on his promise to allow Republicans to talk to the whistleblower, even behind closed doors.

The problem for Schiff is that he knows Republicans are going to destroy the credibility of this person.

We already know the individual had no first-hand knowledge of Trump ever doing anything wrong.

As we have stated before, the only witness that did have a direct conversation with Trump on this matter was Ambassador Sondland.


And Sondland testified during the public hearing that Trump flat-out told him no quid pro quo!

No, Republicans would work very hard to prove this person has an agenda and an ax to grind against Trump, which would prove this was purely politically motivated in nature.

So, now Schiff is using protection as a shield to keep Republicans away from this person.

While making an appearance on “Meet the Press,” Schiff was asked directly if he would follow through on his promise to allow Republicans to question this individual.

Schiff replied, “We don’t need the whistleblower’s second-hand evidence anymore.”

He then added, “It would only serve to endanger this person and to gratify the president’s desire for retribution.”  

So, there you have it, once again, Adam Schiff has lied to the American people and refuses to be completely transparent.

He is truly earning the moniker President Trump has given him of “Shifty Schiff.”


  1. So why do we need Adam Schiff permission to interview anyone he’s a lier and a dishonest man maybe the press could find him lol.

  2. As soon as the President released the verbatim transcription of the fonecon with the new Ukranian poobah, the versions of that conversation by those hearing it became as vapors on the soft summer air. Schiff for Brains never thought that release a possibility; any other POTUS would assert Executive Priviledge, and come off pleading the 5th Amendment to avoid certain incrimination. But as usual, Big Don was several moves ahead of the slithering snakes on Capitol Hill. Epstein didn’t kill himself, but is now said by the fearmongers to’ve been the first victim of COVID-19.

  3. Everybody knows that the whistleblower was Eric Ciaramella. He wrote a document and passed it to the IG and it has to be hanging around somewhere in the government. Is there a law which states that Schiff is the designated and singular viewer and possessor of that document? There has to be a way for someone else to get a copy of the document, and after confirming the identity of the lying bastard, is there any reason that other Congressional groups shouldn’t be allowed to ask why he lied and attempted to commit a treason to get the president? It has been obvious sine the initiation of the impeachment process that President Trump foiled the plan when he released a transcript of the actual conversation. I think the entire fiasco was a set up, my guess is that Schiff was the instigator, and it was a continuation of the Trump-Russia collusion bit.

  4. How can madman schitt keep the “second-hand whistle-blower” from being questioned?!?!

    madman schitt claims to not know who (s)he IS!!


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