Schiff Rips Trump as Incompetent After Coronavirus Address

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Wednesday night, after President Trump did an Oval Office address to try to quell fears about the coronavirus, Democrat leadership immediately went into fearmongering mode.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) led the charge, accusing Trump of being incompetent in his response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Fearmongering for Political Benefit

We just got through an impeachment attempt by Democrats against President Trump.

One of the charges was abuse of power, and we could very much make the case that is exactly what Dems are doing now on a much larger scale.

People like Schiff and Pelosi have a very big and powerful voice for half of our country.

That being said, when they sow fear, it creates panic. And when a Democrat congressman tells the world the president’s response is incompetent, well, people run to Walmart and buy up all the toilet paper.

Personally, I did not listen to Trump’s speech until after I read all the responses to it.

I wanted to hear what people said and see if I could spot that in Trump’s speech.

While I will be the first to admit it was not his best speech, it should have served its purpose if Dems did not immediately walk over to the coronavirus fire and pour a little more gasoline to ensure that it continues to rage out of control.

After the address, Schiff stated, “There were a lot of things I wish I’d heard in the president’s speech today and some that I did hear that really concerned me.

“Because when you have a major health crisis like this, incompetence kills. Incompetence kills.

“And the response thus far from the administration has been, unfortunately, plagued with incompetence.

“And in particular, not getting those tests out there quickly so we can see who is infected, where they were infected, what steps could be taken to really mitigate the spread of this virus, and we now are in the position of trying to make up for lost time that we will never get back.”

Lost time? The United States was given additional time due to the travel restrictions imposed by Trump.

The issue regarding test kits is a systematic issue, a problem we also ran into during the H1N1 outbreak in 2009.

I am not making excuses for Trump, but this is just a reality when we have something like this occur.

Once the problem was identified, test kits were produced. We may not have as many as we like right now, but they are being produced and distributed.

More than 12,000 people died for H1N1, and at no point were sporting events canceled, mass closings of schools did not take place, and nobody really panicked.

The response was critiqued afterward, but everyone worked together during the crisis.

That clearly is not happening this time around the lack of cooperation and fearmongering is coming from the left.

Put simply, this crisis should not be causing toilet paper to be off the shelves and our markets to lose 30 percent in two weeks as though we are about to see the end of civilization, but that is how Democrats are projecting it. 

The Dems may not have created this virus, but they are surely taking advantage of it politically in any way they can… all so they can put a man on the brink of dementia in the White House.

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  1. Personally I don’t give a rat’s a** what I’ve got when I get something. I’ve had flu about 4 times in my life. Each time I never notified the CDC, a doctor or a hospital, but somehow I survived but I am upset that I never got counted.

  2. When the shit hit the fan, early on in the COVID-19 saga, Trump invoked a national emergency, put together a team to study and fight the virus, initiated a travel ban for China and requested money to fight the virus. How much were the Demorrhoids helping-absolutely no help at all, they were too busy impeaching the president. Now the corrupt bastards want to demean the steps taken by the president to protect the people as being insufficient and incompetent. Many true experts in the field of medicine say the steps taken by the president were perfect and are responsible for saving the lives of thousands. Pelosi and Schiff were the most vile of the Trump slander mongers and now are leading the pack of detractors. These two have lost their humanity. I hope when Schiff gets home, his mother crawls out from under the porch and bites him.

  3. First and foremost….If Adam Schiff tells me good morning, I am going to run and look out the window to make sure it is AM not PM. Second, if any democrat had said ANYTHING at all when Obama sat on his hands for the H1N1 virus when Americans were dying for six months before he even admitted there was a problem, then they might have some hint of credibility now when they talk about Trump and his actions. Third, when Trump put an immediate halt on travel from China, how many democrats supported his action? How many screamed Xenophobia?

  4. Schiff is similar to a loud smelly flatulence in a crowded room. You hear it then smell it then become agitated and angry with someone as socially inept and crude who could emit it. It goes away but the irritation continues for ever.


  6. Well when the people around Trump are saying that Trump was more worried about what this would do to the economy, than he was about how to contain the virus, mainly because a poor economy would effect his reelection. Now when the President and Vice President are putting out contradictory statements about the status of the virus. When the Presidents own appointee has said it was a massive break down by the Administration.

  7. I hate f’ing demoncraps with a passion, it is so sad that they bash Trump continuously…I want to know what the demoncraps would have done in this situation…nobody talks about that

  8. This man has no credibility anymore, he’s a liar and a political hack after his appearance as the leader of the impeachment process against our President. He’s from California and that should say enough, but he seems personally not to care. Hopefully he will get his just deserts when he is voted out of his next election. Let’s all hope so, we need to fumigate his office and think of him as a deposed ghoul.

  9. Are any of you old enough to remember when we had a Un-American Activities in Congress ? Well it’s about time for another for we have many Un-Americans that need to be given the boot.


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