Schiff Makes Disturbing Announcement about DOJ Origins Investigation

Schiff hypocrisy exposed!

Adam Schiff

According to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the origins investigation looking into the beginnings of the Russian collusion investigation is tainted.

That being the case, Schiff stated he will not honor the outcome of that investigation.

Protesting a Bit Much

Democrats regularly tell President Trump that if he has nothing to hide, why not allow the investigation?

Well, we could say the same thing about Democrats and Joe Biden.

If Schiff has nothing to hide, why not invite the investigation to embarrass Trump?

If Joe Biden has nothing to hide, why not invite an independent investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings and the possible influence by Biden that helped him?

Schiff is protesting the fact U.S. Attorney Dunham’s investigation is now a criminal matter, which means Schiff knows Barr found out laws were broken.

Clearly, Schiff is in panic mode…

The Truth Will Come Out

When Trump won the election, Democrats went on the attack for fear of having the establishment exposed.

The Mueller report was supposed to be their golden ticket to take him down, but they came up empty.

Since that did not work, Schiff is among a group of Democrats that are launching investigations into Trump identical to the Mueller investigation simply because they did not like the outcome.

Schiff has also stated Trump is weaponizing the DOJ to go after his political opponents.

If that is the case, then how do you explain what the House has done with these investigations?

Didn’t Schiff, Pelosi, and the rest of the gang weaponize Congress to take down Trump simply because he is an outsider?

We have yet to see a shred of evidence that is worthy of impeachment, but that has not stopped Democrats from continuing their fight.

Schiff may not be willing to honor the results of the investigation but rest assured, if indictments go out, people will end up in jail.

If some of those individuals are tied to this witch hunt, like Clapper and Comey, are the ones indicted, this “tainted” investigation will be the downfall of the modern Democrat party.

Let’s see how Schiff feels about this “tainted” investigation then!


  1. I am beginning to think that Adam Schitt is trying to set himself up for a run at the White House at some point in future , say 2024 or 28 ? He figures if he topples Trump , he’ll be the party hero .


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