Sarah Sanders Drops Bombshell Announcement About Joe Biden

Sanders makes a prediction on who will win 2020 Democrat primary.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

If Joe Biden was watching Fox News this week, he got some very bad news courtesy of Trump’s former Press Secretary.

After the latest debate ended, Sarah Sanders stated she believes that debate signaled the end of Joe Biden’s chances of winning the Democrat nomination.

It’s All Over Joe

The one telling sign in a debate that lets everyone know the front runner is the person that faces the most attacks during the debate.

Remember the 2016 Republican debates? Trump took shots from every person on the stage.

Surprisingly, during the last debate, it was not Joe Biden that took the most attacks but rather Elizabeth Warren.

Post-debate, several polls were taken and many of them now have Warren ahead of Biden outside the margin of error.

Clearly, the attacks against Biden and the questioning of his character have taken a toll and the beneficiary of those attacks has been Warren.

After the debate, Sanders stated, “The big loser… was Joe Biden. It was incredibly telling that all of the fire that was taken on stage was by Elizabeth Warren, and not Joe Biden — indicating that even Democrats on that stage know that Biden is finished and that Warren is the new front runner.”

What Now Joe?

Biden has an even bigger worry than his poll numbers right now in that he is also running out of money.

A report surfaced the other day that Biden is spending far more than he is taking in and his war chest is down to $9 million.

Considering Bernie Sanders, who was just endorsed by AOC, has more than $30 million and Warren is right around $25 million, Biden is in big trouble.

He has spent a lot of money attacking Trump when he should have been fending off the other candidates.

Now he finds himself in a true donnybrook with no way to fight back.

This is a case of Joe Biden’s hubris getting the best of him because he simply assumed he was the ordained one of the party and nobody would be able to catch him.

If Warren does win this primary, it should make winning re-election for Trump far easier.

Warren is about as far left as it gets and while moderate Democrats will not go so far as to vote for Trump, they will probably not be able to pull the handle for Warren either.

Sarah Sanders stated, “She is the new face of the Democrat party. That is a great contrast for this president. And I think it sets him up very nicely for re-election in November.”

There is obviously still a lot of time before the primary elections take place, but the writing does appear to be on the wall for Biden. Unless he does something dramatic in the next few weeks, he could find himself behind even Sanders in the polls.



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