Sanders Soars, Biden Tanks in Latest Iowa Poll

bernie Sanders
Photo Courtesy of Shelly Prevost via Creative Commons License

Iowa is far from the largest state in the primary, but it is always the most important because of the need for candidates to get off to a fast start.

For Joe Biden to win, he is going to need to come out of both Iowa and New Hampshire at the head of the pack but with every passing day, that seems less and less likely.

Hits Finally Starting to Take Effect

For months, the Trump campaign, the Sanders campaign, and virtually right-wing alt-media website have been firing attacks at Biden.

While he has taken dips, he has still managed to maintain his national lead.

However, his support in Iowa started to dwindle several weeks ago and now it appears as though Biden is starting to bottom out.

Be it his son Hunter, the allegations of corruption, or the endless Biden gaffe’s, Biden is no longer the favorite.

The most recent New York Times/Sienna College Poll shows a massive swing in support, with Bernie Sanders benefitting from the fall of both Biden and Warren in the polls.

The new poll shows that Sanders now leads the way in Iowa, with 25 percent of the vote.

Buttigieg is still among the leaders, but he is now seven points back after leading for most of the last month.

Joe Biden has now slipped all the way down to third, equaling Warren at 17 percent.

The More They Attack…

The Democrat establishment has been going after Biden full bore as of late.

The most recent of these attacks came from Hillary Clinton, stating, “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

Donald Trump even took up for Bernie, reminding everyone how Bernie got screwed by the entire Democrat party in 2016 and how this year appeared to be more of the same.

This major shift has created a wave of panic among Democrats because they simply don’t believe Bernie Sanders can defeat Trump because of his extreme platform.

Meanwhile, Trump just sits back and smiles, stoking the fire at exactly the right time to get the opponent that would most likely lead to his re-election.

The question now remains if Democrats will get behind Sanders if he gets off to a quick start or if they will go after him with both barrels to help Biden.

Thus far, Biden himself has stated that he refuses to get into a negative campaign but we will see how that holds up if he comes out of Iowa and New Hampshire without the lion’s share of delegates.

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