Sanders Making Up Major Ground Against Biden

Bernie Sanders
Photo Courtesy of Matt Johnson via Creative Commons License

All of a sudden, everyone is trying to sell us Bernie Sanders.

That may be because Biden is sinking, Warren is about sunk, and Bernie is the only top candidate that seems to be moving up in the polls lately.

Climbing the Ladder

The funny thing about Sanders is that he has never seemed to energize anyone but his base.

During the 2016 election cycle, Bernie probably had his best chance to be elected, but the Super Delegates in the Democrat party put an end to that.

Bernie’s campaign was over before it ever really started.

This time around, the Super Delegate problem has been taken care of, but Bernie still seems to hold the same percentage in polls while everyone else rides a roller coaster.

Now, however, Bernie seems to be getting some traction above his base, and people are taking notice.

Sanders has now taken over second place from Biden in the latest Iowa polls (where Buttigieg is the surprise leader).

He is also atop the New Hampshire field, unseating Joe Biden as the top choice.

Buttigieg is actually holding onto third place in New Hampshire, sending Warren plummeting to fourth place.

By all accounts, Warren’s supporters seem to be flocking to Sanders, and that is bad news for Joe Biden.

Can He Win?

We have always questioned Bernie’s ability to win a primary because of his inability to get voters beyond his own base.

This time around, though, it seems as though the candidacy of Warren has helped him considerably.

If you support Warren, Sanders would seem to be the next best candidate based on platform.

With Warren being hit with several character scandals, her base is beginning to leave her, and Sanders is welcoming them with open arms.

Early on, this is really bad news for Joe Biden because he could come out of the first four states just prior to Super Tuesday as the second or even third choice.

If that happens, it will energize voters from candidates like Castro and Klobuchar to flock to Bernie Sanders.

This would explain why many liberal-leaning publications are starting to sell Bernie Sanders to their readers.

He may win the nomination, but it is hard to imagine someone like Bernie Sanders winning the hearts of everyone in this nation, or at least enough of them to win the presidency.

Because nobody has ever taken him seriously, though, Sanders has not been taking the hits the other candidates have.

That may change now, though, with Sanders clearly one of the top choices in the party.



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