Sanders Adds Radical to Campaign Staff

Bernie Sanders
Photo Courtesy of Matt Johnson via Creative Commons License

The Bernie Sanders campaign is under more scrutiny than ever, yet he continues to make colossal mistakes when it comes to staff members.

This weekend, the Sanders campaign added Phillip Agnew to his campaign staff, a man who describes himself as a “militant.”

Controversial Past

You may not recognize Agnew’s name if you are not keeping up with the latest liberal propaganda, but he is very much known on the left.

With the addition of Agnew, it almost seems as though Sanders is assembling an army ready to do battle rather than a campaign staff.

It is not exactly stretching the truth to call Agnew a radical, but it goes much deeper than that.

This is a man that has made controversial remarks about 9/11, the Orlando shooting, and even took a few potshots at Michelle Obama…

The final nail in the coffin is that Agnew is the co-founder of Dream Defenders, an anti-Israel group that has backed the BDS movement to cripple Israel.

The Revolution

At the beginning of Sanders’ campaign, he often described it as a revolution.

Many of his supporters took those words to heart.

Project Veritas has done significant investigation into the Sanders campaign, showing how violent some of Sanders’ top people are.

They have literally threatened to throw rich people into gulags and burn down the streets of Milwaukee if Sanders does not win the nomination.

If conservatives made these comments, the media would be all over it, but it remains ignored even today when the media has completely turned on Sanders.

Sanders is preparing for war and make no mistake about it, the moment he loses this nomination, the streets of cities across this country will literally be on fire.


  1. With 20 Million Combat Ready Veterans (from all Wars), 7 Million NRA Members, Police from City, County, State, and Federal Agencies and just the Ordinary Concealed Carry Person, Nation-wide, their Revolution will go “Poof” within the “First Week.”


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