Sanctuary Cities Crack Down On Illegals…


The very concept of the sanctuary city has always annoyed the living heck out of me.

The mere idea that there are cities in the United States of America where people who are openly breaking the law are allowed to sit there and have nothing done to them makes absolutely no sense.

It just proves how completely and totally wrecked the immigration system is in this country.

It has been allowed to get to the point where there are so many illegals in some cities that they physically can’t even hold them in the jails anymore.

Now, I am not the type of person that is going to say that nobody should be allowed over. There are people that have legitimate claims to asylum and those people probably need to be given a second look.

However, illegal aliens should be sent back to where they came from…full stop.

And as far as shelters go, who in the heck is going to pay for it? That’s right, you and me, the taxpayer.

That being said, there is something when it comes to hospitality. If a relative is spending the night at your house unexpectedly, if you make them dinner that is just a nice thing to do.

However, if they are staying and in the middle of the second week they won’t even bother springing for McDonald’s; then you might have a problem.

That’s the problem that we as a nation are having when it comes to illegal aliens.

However, it seems that several liberal cities are starting to realize that the idea that they thought was so great is turning out to be nothing more than a big giant money pit.

New York City mayor Eric Adams has even begun to grouse about the fact that illegal immigrants are being found in his city by the thousands and due to liberal policies he is being forced to house and feed them. He has even led movements to cut down on the city funding of migrant housing programs..

What really needs to be done is that they need to be send back to where they came from. The idea of sanctuary cities is one of those things that to liberals might seem like a good idea in practice but when it really gets down to it it’s just bad for everyone all the way up and down the line.