Same Media Who ‘Decolonized’ White Books Thinks Biden Can Handle the Plandemic Better Than Trump


It’s time to get out the shovels again. The national public media Deep State Ministry of Truth just cooked up a “poll” meant to make everyone believe that Joe Biden actually has a chance of winning. They hope enough people believe it to cause a regime change. These are the same radical liberals who wanted you to “decolonize” books written by White authors from your book shelves, which they prejudge to be racist. They follow the Soros script and emphasize that Biden would have handled the “plandemic” much, much better, if only his handlers would let him out of his basement and put that pesky spray bottle away.

Liberal media trying to influence the election

The Public Broadcast System is the video version of National Public Radio. Both of the global media outlets are taxpayer funded, both are tilted far to the left, and both of them are trying to influence the 2020 election. It’s not the first time they tried to put their thumb on the scale. Recently, NPR issued a thinly disguised suggestion for all Americans, especially White ones, to figuratively “burn” all the books they own that were written by White authors. The phrase they used was “decolonize,” but censorship is censorship. It’s easy to see they’re on the side of Black Lives Matter anarchy in this fight.

Another way to distort the truth is with misleading facts and figures. PBS teamed up with NPR and Marist College, a progressive liberal arts school well funded by George Soros and his Open Societies Foundations. Together, the progressive media giants produced a voting poll which unsurprisingly shows creepy Joe Biden ahead of President Donald Trump by an incredible 11-point margin.

According to their common-core calculations, which they admit may be off by as much as 3.6 points either way, taxpayer-funded public media puts Biden at 53 percent. Trump scores a 42 with the hand picked registered voters they talked to. That’s okay. Everyone knows that 42 is the ultimate answer to everything. The last time Donald Trump was this far behind in the polls was the night he was elected.

Biden has an intensity problem

Trump’s deplorable voters absolutely adore him but Biden’s fan club isn’t nearly as enthusiastic, the radical media laments. Out of all the registered voters the liberal pollsters asked who already plan to vote for Biden only “44 percent would do so because they genuinely like him.” Compare that with 74 percent of deplorables who can’t wait for election day to hand in a rousing vote of confidence. That’s the kind of “intensity” problem that has Democrats terrified, even though they think they have a huge lead.

Even the liberal media is quick to note, “those who do want to see the president reelected were much more enthusiastic in their support than people who plan to vote for Biden.” They admit, “that lack of enthusiasm could be a challenge for Biden in the fall, as the pandemic complicates the voting process for many Americans and he needs to motivate voters to turn out in key battleground states.”

As specifically ordered by George Soros in early April, the NWO controlled media is focusing like a laser on “President Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic,” as revealed in a disturbing email. “Dear MoveOn member,” it began. “Last week, his approval rating hit 48%—his highest ever.” It goes on to warn, “we need to face facts. If things keep going this way, Trump is going to get re-elected. So we’ve decided to take emergency action.”


All part of the Soros media strategy

“We’re aiming to launch and sustain a massive digital ad campaign NOW AND THROUGH ELECTION SEASON, focused on voters who approve of Trump.” Darth Soros ordered them to flood social media to “educate” the public about Trump’s “part in creating this public health disaster.” Everyone knows that the word “educate” is Soros style newspeak meaning “opinion shifting propaganda.”

The public media poll shows that the strategy seems to be working. “Seventy-one percent of U.S. adults said COVID-19 is a real threat, and 34 percent said the pandemic would be a major factor in deciding who they vote for.” If the election were held today, they insist, “fifty-three percent of U.S. adults think Biden would handle the coronavirus pandemic better than Trump, while 37 percent think Trump would do a better job.”

If Biden were to win the election, many people say that he won’t keep the job for long. Shortly after the inauguration, the media will report that Biden will have some crucial health problem and Kamala Harris will become the first female African-American president of Jamaican-Indian descent and Soros’ plot will be complete. The police will be disarmed and defunded while anarchy reigns supreme.


  1. The media must be getting a really big pay check to say Biden can handle the virus better then trump . The dumb ass can’t remember what he’s running for but you think he’s the one ??? I mean are you really willing to look that stupid to saying that Biden is better suited then trump . . Biden can’t even read off notes showing what to say . He screws that up everytime . I don’t know who’s dumber , Biden or the news and the people that belive the fake news . So is this dumb and dumber part 3 or momma said , stupid is as stupid does . Either way it’s still stupid and retarded thinking by retards .


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