S.C. Democrat Finally Apologizes for ‘White Power’ Remarks

SC White pOwer
Photo via South Carolina ETV YouTube Video Screenshot

It has taken far too long, but South Carolina State Rep. Mandy Powers Norrell is finally owning up to her mistake.

Powers Norrell was the lawmaker that alleged cadets and midshipmen were using white power symbols during the airing of the Army/Navy game.

However, an investigation proved the boys were doing nothing more than playing the sophomoric game called the “Circle Game.”

It’s About Time

During the airing of the game, while doing interviews or making commentary where the students could be seen, the symbol was flashed several times.

Rather than waiting to see what was going on, Powers Norrell jumped to the conclusion the guilty parties were using a white power sign.

Both academies conducted investigations after Powers Norrell sent out a tweet making her allegations.

When school officials interviewed the boys, several of them did not even know the symbol they were making was considered to be racist.

Even though the investigations concluded days ago, Powers Norrell remained quiet.

Finally, on December 23, nine days after the game and three days after the boys were proven innocent, Powers Norrell finally made a public statement to apologize for her comments.

She claimed she was not apologizing because of “harassment and Twitter trolls, but because it’s the right thing to do…”

Well, if it was the right thing to do, it should have been done several days ago, not after pressure continued to mount to get her to apologize.

One interesting line in the letter reads, “I took down my Twitter post when I realized soon after that the matter was becoming bigger and more volatile than the circumstances seemed to merit.”

I would then have to wonder what she expected to happen after making such allegations.

The truth of the matter is that Powers Norrell wanted to be the first to make the accusation, so she rushed to judgment with no proof.

The ONLY reason her tweet was taken down was that she was proven to be wrong, not for the reason she gave.

But, I guess we should be glad we even got the apology out of her, because that is far more than what most Democrats and liberals do these days.

In most cases, they simply delete the tweet and act like it never happened.