Russia Just Flexed and PROVED it’s Ready for Nuclear War


Russia just flexed their military muscles to prove that they’re as ready for nuclear war now as they’re ever going to be. Armchair political analysts here in America see that as a sign that the world may be in for a shift in the global balance of power.

Russia terrifies Deep State more than Trump

The trail of breadcrumbs is starting to lead somewhere that Deep State Democrats don’t want it to go.

For years they have been falsely accusing President Donald Trump of colluding with Russians. Now we know why. They wanted to make sure that he couldn’t call Vladimir Putin for a friendly chat without it looking like a conspiracy.

Russia might not be as bad as the media and the Department of Injustice want the public to believe. The only thing the globalist Deep State fears is Nationalism.

That is something both Putin and Trump have more than enough of. Some war games in the Sea of Okhotsk could be just the message President Trump was waiting for.

On Saturday, “a Russian nuclear submarine successfully test-fired four intercontinental ballistic missiles in a show of readiness,” KATV reports.

They note that the Defense Ministry admitted that “the Vladimir Monomakh submarine of the Pacific Fleet launched four Bulava missiles in quick succession from an underwater position in the Sea of Okhotsk.” Everything went perfectly.

“Their dummy warheads hit their designated targets on the Chiza shooting range.” If this was the old Iron Curtain days under the communist Soviet Union, Americans would be furious, now they applaud. Russia is now as capitalist as the U.S.A. and this could be a sign they’re ready to team up with Donald Trump and possibly split China as reimbursement for Covid-19 damage.

Speculation is rampant that if Kim Jong Un plays along with Russia and the U.S., he might be allowed to point his rockets at Beijing.

If Xi Jinping makes a move, Kim might be allowed to light a few off. A deal like that would allow a special Amazon Christmas delivery to the Ayatollah in Iran.

Something in the form of a lifetime supply of large bunker-busters, with delivery starting at their nuclear weapon lab. With China and Iran either cowed into a corner or bombed back to the stone age, President Trump can concentrate on cleaning house at home with martial law.

A costly demonstration

Test firing nuclear missiles may be fun but it’s incredibly expensive. Borei-class nuclear submarine Vladimir Monomakh is armed with 16 Bulava missiles. The class is “intended to serve as the core of the naval component of the nation’s nuclear forces for decades to come.”

In a rare move, the Kremlin released a few photos of launches in northern Russia taken Wednesday, December 9, 2020. It was all part of practice drills.


More launches followed on Saturday as Moscow performed training maneuvers with a nuclear submarine lighting off “an intercontinental ballistic missile from the Barents Sea.” Meanwhile, “a ground-based ICBM was launched from the Plesetsk facility in northwestern Russia.”

To demonstrate that Russia has the same capabilities as the B-52’s which Trump sent flying over Iran on Friday, the Kremlin got out a few Tu-160 and Tu-95 strategic bombers and “fired cruise missiles at test targets at an Arctic range.” In less than two months, the last of the arms treaties between the Pentagon and Kremlin expire.

After President Trump purges the corruption from Washington and reaffirms the Constitution, along with the Bill of Rights and Rule of Law, the nationalist leaders can sit down together and dictate terms to China.


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