Ruling Issued on Bolton Book During Impeachment, Dems Furious

Jay Sekulow
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

All we have heard about since Sunday is the damning “evidence’ from John Bolton’s new book.

Jay Sekulow, one of Trump’s impeachment attorneys, is shutting that narrative down cold, stating the book is “inadmissible” as evidence.

Just Allegations

Over the weekend, manuscript details for John Bolton’s book were mysteriously leaked to the New York Times.

In the book, Bolton alleged that Trump told him he “preferred” to have the Ukraine aid held up until he got everything the Ukrainians had on the Bidens.

Dems, of course, latched onto the report, claiming this proved without a doubt that we needed to have witnesses called at the impeachment trial.

Trump’s attorneys disagree, with Sekulow stating, “You cannot impeach a president on an unsourced allegation.”

On the book itself, Sekulow stated, “I’d call it inadmissible.”

He further stated, even if the Bolton allegations were true, which President Trump has vehemently denied, this is more about a policy issue than an abuse of power.

He stated, “The bar for impeachment cannot be set this low.”

A New Wrinkle for Mitch

We were well on our way to a speedy outcome until that manuscript was leaked.

That report has energized the RINOs in the party to side with Democrats on insisting new witnesses be called during this trial.

Today begins the first day where the jurors (Senators) can submit written questions to both sides.

After that 16-hour period expires, there will be a vote taken on whether or not the trial should be extended with submissions for supporting documentation and new witnesses.

Even with the Republican defectors, there may still be enough support to acquit Trump at this point.

Numerous Democrats have come forward to say they are considering acquittal right now, which, if true, would be a massive blow to the Democrat party.

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