Royal Rumble Breaks Out at Popular Breakfast Location, Then Things Get Really Scary

royal rumble
royal rumble

What is the first thing you think of when the breakfast chain IHOP comes to mind? If you’re like me, you probably think that IHOP is a great place to get some decent eggs, some pancakes loaded down with your favorite toppings, or just simply a great way to start the day with your significant other before you both get the ball rolling. Well, for one IHOP location in Toledo, Ohio, it was anything but those useful things. A royal rumble broke out at this location that would have made Jerry Springer blush.


You see, on the first of September, there was a terrible fight that broke out at this IHOP located on Talmadge and Wenwood. It was 2 a.m., and some individual decided to be such a tremendous douche that now, even the police are involved!

Apparently, this fight broke out after this guy got into his car, attempted to hit a few of the other IHOP patrons, and then he eventually rammed his car through the front door.

Toledo Police reported that there were four injuries at the IHOP, with two individuals who had been transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The paramedics treated the other two people at the IHOP and released them.

According to IHOP employees, both the Toledo police and the Toledo Fire and Rescue arrived at the IHOP around 3 a.m.


Police are still investigating this royal rumble, and they are now looking for a man that they believe was involved in the disturbance.


Apparently, this individual approached one of the victims, who was simply minding his own business and dining at the restaurant, that he was “being loud and disrespectful” and he proceeded to call the man an Arab due to his appearance.

The victim was angry, so he slapped the challenger and they both went outside of the IHOP to fight. However, the challenger got into a vehicle with an unidentified individual and, as the victim started to walk back into the restaurant, that is when the assailant and his buddy hit him with the car and plowed into the restaurant. To date, police are still looking for these royal rumble criminals.