Rosenstein Summoned as Crossfire Hurricane Sizzles


Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is about to be hauled in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, summoned to appear next week. Lindsey Graham and his fellow Republicans can’t wait to put him on the hot-seat for his role in the Obamagate conspiracy. The committee announced Wednesday that the rat who offered to wear a wire and tape President Donald Trump just got caught in the sizzling hail of shrapnel from the imploding Crossfire Hurricane conspiracy.

Rosenstein has some explaining to do

Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, announced that “Mr. Rosenstein will testify about the new revelations contained in the Horowitz report.” The ones concerning “the FISA warrant applications.”

FISA itself is in limbo because the House gave up trying to push an extension through, only to have it end up in Trump’s trash can after he vetoes it. Three key provisions expired in March.

Republicans on the committee have a few other pointed questions which they’re sharpening up to needles in preparation for Rosenstein’s interrogation, which will only be the opening act.

Investigating the investigators

As Senator Graham explained, “This will be the first in a series of oversight hearings regarding all things Crossfire Hurricane and the Mueller investigation.” Oversight means that the panel is exercising their supervisory authority to investigate the investigators. Rosenstein is only the beginning.

This time, they’re digging deep into the how Crossfire Hurricane centered around evidence which agents had to entrap Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to get. They used nothing but tricks, lies and deceit to launch Robert Mueller’s witch hunt of an inquisition. Mueller came up empty-handed after two years and millions of tax dollars wasted.


Hidden transcripts, notes, and other documents which either leaked out, or were dragged out page-by-page from that investigation, reveal that the only ones colluding with Russia were ranking Obama officials, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat party.


The one to give Mueller his ‘authority’

Rod Rosenstein slunk away from Washington last year in disgrace after the world found out he “was instrumental in the government’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.” There weren’t any. The so called investigation run by the Federal Bureau of Instigation, codenamed “Crossfire Hurricane,” eventually evolved into the the Mueller witch hunt.

Rosenstein was the one responsible for starting the Mueller inquisition and spelled out his broad authority. He was also one of the “top Justice Department officials” who signed “a series of warrants the FBI sought from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court as it sought to investigate Carter Page.” We now know those documents contained at least 17 instances where the Deep State either left out information or intentionally lied to the court.

One of the applications clearly lied when it stated, the FBI believed Page “has been collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government.” Not only did they know that wasn’t true, they knew Page was a “CIA asset” working to bust the Russians.

It’s expected that the witness will be spending a long and grueling day under the hot lights. The committee cleared their whole day to slowly grill the Deep State weasel over hot coals. Rosenstein put on his poker face and thanked Senator Graham for the opportunity.

“During my three decades of service in law enforcement, I learned firsthand that most local, state, and federal law enforcement officers deserve the high confidence people place in them, but also that even the best law enforcement officers make mistakes, and that some engage in willful misconduct.” That almost sounds like an admission.


  1. And let’s not forget that Rod Rosenstein is married to Lisa Barsoomian, Atty. who is an opponent of FOIA, thus no doubt insuring the Deep State stays DEEP, and she represents the likes of BOTH Clintons and Killary’s war chest aka The Clinton Foundation, Barry O., James Comey, Robert Mueller, the FBI, Fusion GPS, just to name a few. Helps you to realize how so many got away with so much for so long. Scary thing is, they are by far NOT the only power couple in the swamp.


    FILL THE PRISONS WITH “”””””ALL””””” OF THEM ………………..YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Live by the investigation, die by the investigation!

    Keep the handcuffs handy!!


  4. Now it is utterly amazing that the IG, Barr or Durham have found nothing was done wrong, and the IG report says th 17 infractions he discovered would have made no difference in the end of anything they were involved in. Now Truimp has been trying to turn the FBI into a political arm of his Administration since he took office. Now the FBI lives and works under laws approved by the Congress and signed into law by a President, now you amy not like the laws but they very seldom deviate from them and when they do the FBI takes care of the problem. Now where is the proof that the FBI or any other intelligence agency did anythin contrary to the laws on the booksa s to how they operate.
    Now the FBI is responsible fro fully investigating anyone who might take a high office in this USA, and just like in any other investigation when th FBI found thatt he Trump Campaign had been contacted by about 100 Russian Intelligence agents the FBI ddi what they are suppose to do use every means at their disposal to investigate it, the Constitutions says this, that we should be fully aware of anyone having foreign influence or could be blackmailed by foreign influence.


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