Roger Stone’s Bone Chilling Statement Just Shook the Deep State to Its Core

Roger Stone
Photo via Patriots Daily News

If Roger Stone goes to prison, at least he will go down swinging.

Right before he was to report to federal prison, Stone’s lawyers appealed both his original 40-month sentence and a denial of his request for a new trial.

While that unfolds, the 67-year-old political strategist proactively released a blistering statement exposing the biased investigation conducted by Robert Mueller.

The inference is that investigators always knew that there was no collusion with Russia.

Their only goal was to push a false narrative and disrupt the 2020 Presidential Election. Stone refers to newly-public documents, including the original search warrants, to show how the Mueller investigation overreached.

He says pointedly, “I have no trepidation about their release as they confirm there was no illegal activity and certainly no Russian collusion by me during the 2016 Election.” 

Roger Stone Says He Was Tried by the Media

Nearly every day, I would turn on the news and open the papers and read that I had committed treason against our great country, that I would be charged with espionage, trafficking in stolen e-mails and other cyber-crimes. 


Ultimately, despite the colonoscopy into my life, the Muller investigation could not find what the media wanted and insisted was there or that I did anything wrong in the 2016 election of my friend, President Donald Trump.”

Crimes on… Twitter???

“…the crimes they tried to pin on me were: “Conspiracy Against the United States” “Foreign Contribution Ban” “Fraud and Related Activities in Connection with Computers” “Wire Fraud” “Aiding and Abetting” “Unauthorized Access of a Protected Computer” “Accessory After the Fact” just to name a few. 

All of this based on nothing more than the exercise of my First Amendment rights and my public Twitter feed.”

Improper Evidence

The Government admitted in discovery in my trial that they relied on a redacted draft memo from Crowdstike- hardly an unbiased or credible source and the Government admitted the FBI never inspected the DNC servers. Screenshots of a computer server are like photos of a murder weapon-they cannot be examined.”

A Big, Fat Nothing-Burger

“The much-publicized raid and exhaustive 13- hour search of my home and office yielded no evidence used against me at trial.

When no evidence of Russian collusion, collaboration with Wikileaks, receipt or dissemination of stolen e-mails- including the stolen e-mails of John Podesta – was found, I was charged with lying to Congress even though there was no underlying crime to lie about…”

What Does All This Mean?

As President Trump has said, the prosecution and conviction of Roger Stone was a “miscarriage of justice”.

Starting with biased presuppositions, continuing with weak evidence, and concluding with a conviction for lying about crimes that didn’t exist, that certainly seems to be the case.

So what do YOU think? If the appeal fails, do you think President Trump should pardon Roger Stone? Let us know in the comments below.  


    • It will not happen. I cannot believe how MY/OUR country slipped to such a low. I read Non Dare Call it Treaso and what I read about 40-50 years ago has or is happening now, One part was the left wanted two generations to dumb down our country. WELL?

  1. Of course, Roger Stone should be pardoned. AND, the fools and evil people who plotted against Roger Stone should be crucified (oops!, I meant prosified!! (prosecuted!!). They are really really evil!!! They should pay for what they have done to this man and his family.

  2. Yes I think he should be pardoned. He was railroaded. The democrats are trying to put the Republican party in a bad light when in actuality they are the ones at fault and they should publicly apologize to Mr. Stone.

  3. Yes all charges should be dropped. And he should sue the Democratic Party for false imprisonments slander invasion of privacy and anything else his lawyers can come up with

  4. He should definitely be pardoned. No one human should have been treated as he has been in our country. The Mueller party should be investigated. It seems there are several people that should go to prison.

  5. The DemocRATS involved in this miscarriage of justice should all be fined the cost of conducting this “witch hunt”. They should not be above the law. I am so alienated, disgusted and demoralized by the way the media and the DemocRats have behaved against President Trump, his friends and some of his advisors. There needs to be some law that holds people liable for their made up stories.

  6. It is quite evident to the most casual observer that Roger Stone’s ONLY CRIME was being a confident and friend of President Trump.
    The corruption of the DOJ, FBI and Justice System are on full display. What the hell has America morphed into?

  7. Thank you.
    If you lie the truth is not inside you.
    You will not know what is right or the truth, and you will not know what is
    lies and will deceive you.
    Revelation 19:6 “ Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns! “

  8. I think Roger stone should sue every outlet that impuned his reputation. They all should be held accountable for destroying this man and his families lives.

  9. All the democrats starting with Obama, Comey and Mueller (Mueller went ahead knowing there was no crime just to waste millions and millions of our tax dollars) Just like enron and a whole lot of other set ups – can’t tell me they limited their power abuse and criminality to just several companies and people – oh wait their were the Bundy family where the FBI killed one man and Waco where the FBI killed over 80 women and children, and Ruby ridge where the fbi killed a woman holding her baby and I am sure I am missing some and then the ones that we don’t know about. Frankly Wray needs to be fired, and most of the FBI agents need to be fired also and the DOJ isn’t much better – to many deep state left in what is suppose to enforce the law and all I see out of any of them is attack republicans and set them up and ignore treason.

  10. No ??? about it; Roger never was guilty of any wrong doing and Mueller and his gang of thugs knew it! Reduce the DemonRatz. to rubble and roll over them with Abrams! We are sick and tired of the Clinton drug dealing cartel and the deep state!

  11. Ttump has teaching that lie,cheat, steal is great thing it’s his why and he can get away with it. So go tell your kids it’s ok why not start now let them got home take your money,car and house heck even throw you out on your ass. After all trumps people ready started that.This will bit you morans in the ass you wait and see He kill our party remember when we stood for truth,justest. can’t believe it’s gone.

  12. he should definitely pardon roger stone along with Kelly. The dems tried to railroad both of them on evidence they made up. This should never be allowed in our justice system.


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