Roger Stone’s Bone Chilling Statement Just Shook the Deep State to Its Core

Roger Stone
Photo via Patriots Daily News

If Roger Stone goes to prison, at least he will go down swinging.

Right before he was to report to federal prison, Stone’s lawyers appealed both his original 40-month sentence and a denial of his request for a new trial. While that unfolds, the 67-year-old political strategist proactively released a blistering statement exposing the biased investigation conducted by Robert Mueller.

The inference is that investigators always knew that there was no collusion with Russia. Their only goal was to push a false narrative and disrupt the 2020 Presidential Election. Stone refers to newly-public documents, including the original search warrants, to show how the Mueller investigation overreached.

He says pointedly, “I have no trepidation about their release as they confirm there was no illegal activity and certainly no Russian collusion by me during the 2016 Election.” 

Roger Stone Says He Was Tried by the Media

Nearly every day, I would turn on the news and open the papers and read that I had committed treason against our great country, that I would be charged with espionage, trafficking in stolen e-mails and other cyber-crimes.  Ultimately, despite the colonoscopy into my life, the Muller investigation could not find what the media wanted and insisted was there or that I did anything wrong in the 2016 election of my friend, President Donald Trump.”

Crimes on… Twitter???

“…the crimes they tried to pin on me were: “Conspiracy Against the United States” “Foreign Contribution Ban” “Fraud and Related Activities in Connection with Computers” “Wire Fraud” “Aiding and Abetting” “Unauthorized Access of a Protected Computer” “Accessory After the Fact” just to name a few.  All of this based on nothing more than the exercise of my First Amendment rights and my public Twitter feed.”

Improper Evidence

The Government admitted in discovery in my trial that they relied on a redacted draft memo from Crowdstike- hardly an unbiased or credible source and the Government admitted the FBI never inspected the DNC servers. Screenshots of a computer server are like photos of a murder weapon-they cannot be examined.”


A Big, Fat Nothing-Burger

“The much-publicized raid and exhaustive 13- hour search of my home and office yielded no evidence used against me at trial. When no evidence of Russian collusion, collaboration with Wikileaks, receipt or dissemination of stolen e-mails- including the stolen e-mails of John Podesta – was found, I was charged with lying to Congress even though there was no underlying crime to lie about…”

What Does All This Mean?

As President Trump has said, the prosecution and conviction of Roger Stone was a “miscarriage of justice”. Starting with biased presuppositions, continuing with weak evidence, and concluding with a conviction for lying about crimes that didn’t exist, that certainly seems to be the case.

So what do YOU think? If the appeal fails, do you think President Trump should pardon Roger Stone? Let us know in the comments below.  


  1. I don’t like the entire idea of a “Pardon” It implies the person comitted a crime, but a higher authority said it was OK.
    What Stone and Flynn bothe need is complete exhonoration, and to have all these false alligation and records fabricated by the criminal element of the FBI. Then all of this evidence that was fabricated should be on record against all the creeps who were in on this conspiracy to overthrow the government. That is the real crime. The real Treason. All of those involved, and there are about 30 or more should get the death sentencce. Mc Cabe and Srrozh always shave a smirk on their faces which says “You can’t do nothing to me” They would never prosecute, and they would never give me the death sentence. I urge President Trump and Bill Barr to pick out the top criminals of this Coup: Comey, Strokk, Lisa Page, McCabe, and a few more then have Barr prosecute them and Make their execution very public as a warning to other “white collar criminals” that they are just a guilty as a street criminal sho shot, stabbed, raped of perpetrated a similar bloody crime. If no examples are ever made this will happen again. In fact, since they have all been exposed, we still see leakers, liars and Deep state operatives destroying this nation. They have no fear of retribution. They even are proud that they will be rewarded by writing books about their evil doings. The public is crying out for blood.

  2. He is 100% right. It’s very plain to see, considering the left’s agendas and recent past history. Of course he should be pardoned and julian assange and mike Flynn. This has gone way to far already.

  3. Of course he should be pardoned. This whole last 4 years has been a treacherous act of the democraps in order to bring down Trump and to turn the USA into a communist state. Hillary is the one who sold out to the Russians , and O’muslime was and is still working to destroy us.

    • Trump should exonerate Roger Stone. It’s been proven that the FBI was complacent in a coup and anyone charged and convicted should be exonerated and these criminal investigators sent to jail. A pardon is exoneration in this case. Christopher Wray need to be fired. He has protected all these deep state traitors by not turning over everything the POTUS has demanded. He’s part of the criminal activity in my mind. Get someone in there who will redact and hand over everynrhing for public scrutiny

  4. Yes, the corrupt supervisors who were and some who still are with the FBI have caused the trust the citizens that was held by the American public to vanish and will take years to reestablish if it ever happens.

  5. The FBI plus dirty cop Mueller and his minions should be those going to.prison ! They are all CRIMINALS when they make up lies to trap and railroad innocent victims ! The have broken laws to make a bogus cases ! How are the citizens of the USA to ever trust the FBI and our judicial system ?

  6. Mr. Stone should NOT NEED a pardon; he should be FULLY EXONERATED and the case thrown out of court, as should the case against General Flynn! The perverted black-robe, Berman-Jackson, who oversaw that debacle, should be defrocked and lose her law license permanently. Both men AND their families should be FULLY COMPENSATED for the abuse and harm they received from the FBI, the “mule’s” investigation and EVERYONE ELSE who was involved in that nightmarish charade! That means STARTING WITH FRAUDBAMA and working ALL THE WAY DOWN the line – — and DO NOT FORGET the lyingbitchofBenghazi!

  7. Roger Stone was set up just like Flynn. A pardon is not the right way to go as it implies a crime was committed. He and Flynn should be exonerated completely. Their lives were torn apart by the left and they must be held accountable.

  8. They should not be charged with anything. They need to be released as no crime happened by them. A pardon indicates that a criminal activity did take place but they are being pardoned for whatever reason given.
    By having judges and courts kill the arrest and conviction they can than sue the guys who frame them. with a pardon I don’t think they can because they are on record as a convicted criminal and those who framed them will never be charged with anything and they will be innocent 100 years from now as stone, Flynn and the other guy 100 years from now in their records and to their families will still be convicted criminals in the country’s eyes. they need to be vindicated and freed as not being criminals.

  9. I agree with the Pardon bit, if they found no evidence he, too should be freed as Flynn was! Both are supporters of Trump therefore they should be released, But Flynn has been so when will Roger be freed!!??

  10. He should be pardoned and his record expunged…then the trial for real treason should begin on the FBI and DOJ people responsible….and when found guilty, they should be executed for trying to overthrow a duly elected president

  11. What is wrong with the Judges on these cases? Don’t they see the problem? A great Judge would have stopped this dirty group a long time ago. The dirty Judges should also be fired!!


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