Robert De Niro Slapped With 12mil Lawsuit

Robert De Niro

Oscar Winning Actor Robert De Niro Is In The Middle Of A He Said, She Said Lawsuit

Actor and huge foe of President Donald Trump, has been served with a 12 million dollar sexual discrimination, lawsuit. The uber liberal Democrat who has spent the last three years bashing President Trump at every opportunity, is in a legal quagmire.

His former female executive assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, has filed a lawsuit against De Niro,76, alleging an array of civil and perhaps criminal crimes. In the legal documents, Robinson claims that De Niro, has made sexist remarks towards her on ‘numerous occasions’.

The suit’s timing could not have come at a worse time for the two time Oscar winner. He has two major films about to be released, ‘The Joker’ set for release on October 4. The Martin Scorsese film, ‘The Irishman’ is set for a November 1 release date.

The timing of the lawsuit is ‘convenient’ say attorneys for De Niro. The actor filed a lawsuit against Robinson two months ago, accusing her of using a business expense account for her own personal use. De Niro also accused Robinson of ‘watching thousands of hours of Netflix during the time she was on the clock’.

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Lawyers for De Niro say that the accusations by Robinson, are ‘beyond absurd’. However as the news broke that the lawsuit was filed, Robinson released some audio. The audio are phone messages that De Niro left for Robinson, and they do not paint a flattering picture of the actor.

The suit also claims that ‘De Niro engaged in ‘inappropriate conduct including unwanted gratuitous and physical contact’. On some occasions the legal documents said, De Niro demanded that Robinson ‘scratch his back’ and button his pants and shirts.


Robinson was employed through De Niro’s film company ‘Canal Productions’, as his personal executive assistant. Robinson claims that De Niro subjected her to several years of sexual abuse, gender discrimination and harassment.

The suit also alleges that De Niro owes Robinson several thousands of dollars of overtime pay. Robinson claims that she resigned from her position when ‘she could no longer tolerate the abuse’. She is suing De Niro for 12 million dollars of damages and legal fees.

The Suit Has Attachments Filed With It That Contains Profanity Laced Messages Left By Robert

Documents known as ‘attachments’ included in the suit are audio of De Niro’s incendiary messages he left for Robinson. In one message he says, “how dare you fu**ing disrespect me?” Alexandra Harwin who is representing Robinson in the lawsuit said, “De Niro made demands of Robinson that he never made of male employees”.

Harwin also said, “De Niro’s treatment of Ms. Robinson was inappropriate, demeaning, abusive, and intolerable, and he needs to be held accountable”. Tom Hardy a De Niro attorney, said ‘the claims by Robinson are false and absurd and we will prove in court that they are all lies’.

De Niro currently has a lawsuit that he filed two months ago against Robinson. He accused her of using a ‘Canal Productions’ business account for her own personal use. The suit says that Robinson converted millions of frequent flier miles for her own personal use’.


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