Rioters Threaten to Destroy The Alamo….Then The Great State of Texas Steps In


Don’t mess with the Alamo, Texas warns Antifa and all their Soros funded offshoots. The “Shrine of Texas Liberty” will be passionately defended. Antifa rioters and the children of darkness better think twice, then think again, real hard, before they decide to carry through with their threats to tear down the place where Davy Crockett’s body was found, piled under “no less than sixteen Mexican corpses.”

Don’t mess with the Alamo

On Saturday, George P. Bush, the oldest son of “Los Tortuga,” Jeb Bush, came crawling out from under the rock the Bush dynasty’s been hiding under, to deliver, as Trending Politics writes, “a message to the far-left rioters who are debating destroying The Alamo.” My “message to the protesters is simple: Don’t mess with The Alamo,” the Texas land commissioner calmly declares. You can almost hear the spaghetti western music in the background.

The controversy went public when attorney Robert Barnes tweeted “Protesters in San Antonio now demanding tearing down The Alamo.” Saturday evening, Bush put out a formal statement. “The Alamo is the Shrine of Texas Liberty. And it will be defended. My office is closely watching the social media posts and rumors from protesters who are threatening to come to The Alamo.”

“Rest assured,” he warns, “we have already deployed, for several weeks and will continue to do so, the Alamo Rangers in partnership with SAPD, The Department of Public Safety and The National Guard to protect this sacred site.”

Riots are the recent trend

According to the governor of Texas, who wasn’t about to get upstaged by one of the Bush clan, “riots have become the recent trend.” Ever since George Floyd was murdered under what could turn out to be a staged event engineered to trigger a race war. Even the Vatican thinks it’s a set-up. Last week, Governor Abbott spent some time hanging out with Mr. Floyd’s family.

“They are wonderful, God loving people. They will be the centerpiece of helping America bridge our racial divide & ensure equality, justice & fairness for everyone in America—& ensure what happened in Minn. never happens in TX,” he tweeted. They don’t want to see anything happen to the Alamo.

Minneapolis is looking at more than $55 million in damage so far from the riots and that doesn’t take into consideration the losses to merchants from looters. Before Minneapolis police abandoned their posts, the city was already stressed to the breaking point by Covid-19 restrictions and widespread economic chaos. Last week, they voted unanimously to do away with their police entirely. That will teach them.



  1. Rioters attacked a historic statue in New Mexico yesterday, Monday 15 June 2020. An organized, armed, Civilian Guard formed and stood in pushback to liberal insanity. One rioter was shot, now in critical condition.
    Rioters pushed for it; It appears American citizens won’t be pushed anymore.
    Oh? MSM says nothing about it?

  2. The Alamo does not just stand as a memorial for Texas – a large number of the men who fought and died there were from the great state of Tennessee- and not just Tennessee ! The battlers at the Alamo included: those from Virginia , Vermont,N. Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, SCOTLAND, ENGLAND, IRELAND, S. Carolina, Mississippi, New Hampshire, GERMANY, New York,Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Ohio, Connecticut, Illinois,Rhode Island, Maryland, New Jersey, Mexicans living in Texas and many who are uncertain pertaining to where they were from . This battle was truly an international battle for freedom. Don’t ever think of the Alamo as a ” Texas ” thing, because people from all over the country and the world heeded the call for freedom, and they all fought and died as heroes for that freedom!

    • cherykie – while I appreciate your sentiment the Alamo IS “a ” Texas ” thing” – those men who died there are TEXANS by virtue of their shed blood, regardless of what their origins are. Us proud Texans gave every right to revere it as a shrine. Y’all can claim it if you want to but it is OURS.

  3. It’s time we took back our cities from the radical left, Antifa, rioters, etc. We need to fight fire with fire. I’m sick and tired of these people getting away with what they’re doing with no repercussions. If they come to my area, we are more than ready.


    The Blip billboard company declined ???

    I think it’s very appropriate as we are all concerned about the erasing of our history

    They already defaced the Centotaph & now it’s guarded 24/7…ENOUGH !

    Hands off the ALAMO & our confederate statues.

    It seems like they are trying their best to start a civil war. We don’t need another one. BACK OFF.



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