Rioters Targeting Residences and Women


Rumors of “targeted” attacks by rioters against “residences and women in our community” had the inhabitants of Scottsdale, Arizona, anxiously on edge Sunday night. Violence and unrest spread into the affluent neighborhood for the second night in a row. It didn’t matter that the “widely dispersed message” was “unsubstantiated.” The whole state was put under emergency curfew restrictions as mobs battled police in neighboring Phoenix. The night before an exclusive Scottsdale shopping mall had been looted.

The rioters were imported

Things are so exclusive in Scottsdale that even the rioters are imported. The zip codes making up the town represent the upper-middle class and higher range. These citizens definitely aren’t considered “underprivileged.” The historic downtown is a mecca for world-class shopping and dining. Saturday night, the uber-chic Fashion Square Mall was looted by George Floyd protesters who did millions of dollars worth of damage in a single night.

The following evening, rumors suggested the demonstrations would flare up again, this time further north, near the airport and world famous golf course, the Tournament Player’s Club. Police prepared for riots that didn’t develop on Sunday, causing employees of some North Scottsdale businesses to barricade themselves inside their shops.

The officers were nervously on watch to prevent further trouble, especially when there was word going around social media that instead of going after businesses, the invading barbarians were planning to target houses and go after the women. Thankfully, that plan didn’t develop either.

Prepared for the job

On Saturday, Scottsdale police had to suit up in SWAT gear to get the looters rounded up. By 10 p.m. the rioters were happily carrying away pricey products from Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters, and even the Apple Store. One reporter tweeted, the mob were “looters, not protesters.” Every one of them were “teens and young adults, breaking into businesses and stealing from Scottsdale fashion Square. Shattered glass, stolen clothes cover the ground.”


One of the things that was noteworthy is that these looters came prepared for the job. “A lot of these people are carrying rocks and they are breaking into the stores,” a security guard relates. “They are taking whatever they can and it’s really a shame.” The looters looked pretty well dressed themselves. “People are here, they can afford their own clothes, they don’t have to steal these people’s clothes. They are just trying to find an excuse to do something wrong.”


Everyone on the scene was convinced that justice for George Floyd was the last thing on the minds of the Fashion Square rioters. “The people that are trying to send a message, they have the wrong idea.” Arizona lawmaker T.J. Shope agrees. “What is going on in Scottsdale right now is not a peaceful protest. It was advertised as a looting spree most of the day through social media. This unlawful activity needs to be brought to an end immediately.”

In nearby Phoenix Sunday night, rioters ignored the curfew. There were more than 100 arrests as “some protesters were throwing objects.” Police in riot gear clashed with various groups throughout the downtown area. Before the curfew went into effect, there were “a couple thousand people.” After dark, “close to a thousand people were still protesting.”


  1. America needs to be locked and loaded, if they break into your home.Protest if you want, but you cannot have violence. This is not the way to protest. Do not let these people divide us.

    • Brave Ms. Janice! Soon we – the militia will decide if the demonrats will succeed in turning America into extension of communist china pc version of Orwellian reality returning to the system of masters (the gov) and monitored 24/7 and ‘ranked’ slaves – all of us.

  2. These are PAID RIOTERS, and they are happy to do their job ! This has NOTHING to do with the death of George Floyd. On top of getting paid, they get other perks like STEALING from high end shops, that they could NEVER afford. This all goes back to the Democrats, who will do EVERY dirty thing possible to prevent President Trump’s reelection !

  3. George Soros has classes for rioting young folks & he proudly states that getting “Darkies” just a little bit of pay & train them to be street organizers to destroy, loot & shat upon anything they can’t steal. I say choot em!

    • Better still – -take the “rioters” to Cuba and let them rot in Gitmo for a few years. By the way, since we can follow this $$money trail all the way back to sorryazz george and his un-American orgs, why hasn’t that old fart been arrested and put out of commission yet?? Even if we succeed in doing that, george’s adult kids will step in and attempt to “carry on” – -they need to be taken out of circulation as well.

  4. Put a stop to protesting and rioting. If there is even a puff of smoke all of you get your asses handed to you. You will be shaking hands with the devil. If states won`t allow ICE to do their jobs leaders will be jailed booked and sentenced. It`s time to take out the trash now before they do the same to us. DeBlasio the Fredo brothers Gavin in California have to step down now. This is a takedown of this country.

  5. There would be some serious trouble if they try to break into homes and get their butts shot off! That is what it will come down to. I wonder if they think it would be worth getting shot for breaking into homes or going after women. A lot of women are carrying these days.

  6. I seem to remember reading somewhere (can’t remember exactly on which website) that apparently George Soros is paying (many of) these rioters to do their worst. I know he’s a really nasty piece of work and I wish some RIGHTWING rioters would target him and give him a dose of his own medicine…. KARMA!!! Yes, he apparently has millions to his name, but would he ever be generous enough to contribute food to people who are starving as a result of this COVID virus??

  7. Shoot a few of the paid ones and there rest will go away. Actually get rid of Soros and all this would go away.

  8. Antifa and BLM are associated with and controlled by the Democrats and Soros. Antifa was just listed as a terrorist group and BLM will follow soon. When do we take down the puppet masters??? The easiest way this year to get rid of the radicalized Democratic party members is to vote their anarchist/Communist butts out of office this year and beyond.

  9. If they come to my neighborhood, we’ll let the shooting begin! There are so many gun owners here just on the few blocks around my house, I doubt any of the thugs will get back out still standing up. I imagine it is that way in the Scottsdale area as well. Arm up, my friends!

  10. All looters should be shot on sight! No questions asked, and for good measure, one or two should be used to set an example, and should just have their hands chopped off and the stumps cauterized with a blow torch!



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