Rice Drops Bombshell in Favor of Trump


Rice Said Obama Also Moved Transcripts Of Calls With Foreign Leaders To Secure Servers

In the current Democratic fueled Trump controversy, one issue that has been brought up, is transcripts being moved to different servers. Sources in the ‘Ukraine whistle blower‘ detailed a call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had other information too.

These same sources said, that Trump officials, moved other transcripts with foreign leaders, onto secured ‘top secret’ servers. As the Democrats move forward with an official ‘impeachment inquiry’ against Trump, POTUS has been meeting with his legal team. A revelation from Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice that Obama also moved transcripts from calls to a secret server too.

Ms Rice appeared on Friday night at the Texas Turbine Festival, and was peppered with questions about the server issue. Susan Rice was asked how often during the Obama Administration that practice was implemented. Rice very aware of the current Trump controversy, couldn’t be pinned down on an exact number. Susan said, “we never moved them over unless they were in the contents of classified”.

Rice Acknowledged That It Was Possible For A Presidential Conversation To Be Deemed Classified

Susan Rice did not elaborate on what the requirements were for a call the President was engaged in to be labeled ‘classified’. Rice offered the calls between Obama and foreign leaders moved to a secure server were rare, but did in fact happen.

This revelation by Rice is interesting given the fact that so much has been made of Trump calls being moved to ‘more secure servers’. The allegations that Trump engaged in improper conduct with Zelensky during a July phone call is what initiated the ‘Impeachment Inquiry’.

The president declassified the call between himself and Zelensky this week, he and his team insisted there was nothing improper about the call. Rice admitted that the Obama Administration engaged in the same practice of moving calls to secure servers. However, she made it clear, that she wasn’t in the position to comment on the current issue with Trump and the Ukrainian President.

ABC News Reported Calls Being Moved To Secure Servers Has Been In Effect Since 2017

ABC News MSM has reported on more than one occasion that the Trump Administration has been moving calls to secure servers since 2017. The reason being ‘sensitive information’ gleamed during calls with foreign leaders was leaked to the media.

A source close to the Trump team, said ‘there has to be some measure of keeping sensitive security issues’ out of the public domain. ABC News reported that very early in 2017 in the Trump Administration, two calls with foreign leaders were leaked to the media.

The calls were between Trump and leaders of Australia and Mexico. An ABC News source said, after the two calls were leaked, the practice of moving calls to secure servers was the norm. The Trump source said ‘it needs to be pointed out that the transfer of calls to secure servers, was not just done with the Ukraine call’.

Rice has lent credence to this practice by saying this act was not created by the Trump Administration, it was more so a practice used by the Obama Administration.


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