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Republican Governor Gets Behind Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Key Governor defects and now backs Democrat impeachment inquiry.

Donald Trump Impeachment

Slowly but surely, support within the GOP is starting to dwindle for Donald Trump.

While his base stands adamantly behind him, establishment Republicans seem to be more worried about protecting their careers than they are in fighting off these attacks by Democrats.

The latest Republican to break ranks is Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

Joining the Ranks

This movement of GOP governors defecting is beginning to be a problem for Trump.

So far, three Republicans in their respective governor mansions have abandoned ship.

Vermont Governor Phil Scott, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, and now Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

On the surface, these defections will not really hurt Trump, as all of these states went to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

However, the optics on these defections are extremely damaging to the Trump re-election effort.

The fact these states are not supporting Trump is irrelevant because it gives Democrats more fodder to use against Trump.

Democrats can now specifically point to the party defectors as proof that Americans should not be supporting this president.

Getting to the Facts

Hogan is getting behind the inquiry because he wants to know the facts.

However, even he stated that he questions whether Trump can get a fair investigation in today’s political climate.

Hogan stated, “I’m very concerned about, can we have a fair and objective one, and I’m not sure we can [have] that in a Democratic Congress.”

That specific concern is at the heart of the problem we see in our political system today.

Democrats are more than willing to investigate Trump and everyone he knows on any charge they can find (whether they are unfounded or not), but they are not willing to look within the corruption of their own party.

Joe Biden clearly used his influence to help his son’s business ventures but as far as Dems are concerned, this is not even worth looking into.

The fact that Republicans are now buying into this narrative, even if they are anti-Trump Republicans, is putting the future of our Republic at stake.

This is about far more than Trump winning re-election… this is about preserving our Republic and the identity of our country as our Founding Fathers saw it.



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