Report: Trump-Supporting 14-year-old White Student Brutally Attacked by Black Students on School Bus

Student Beaten on school bus

In one of the worst displays of school bus violence I have ever seen, a young student was horrifyingly beaten on a school bus for minutes.

Why did this happen? According to his mother, it was because he was wearing a Trump hat.

No Hate Crime

I will be honest… when I first saw the story, I thought it was a hoax.

It was blowing up all over Twitter, but there was nary a national media outlet covering the story.

When I went back to the original attack date in late November, it was still difficult to find anything other than local news and some alt-media coverage.

The ONLY reason this story even got out was that it was picked up on Twitter on Thursday afternoon.

When I saw this video, simply put, I was raging…

When I found out the local police department was not going to consider it a hate crime, I became even more enraged.

How Does This Happen?

The first question that needs to be answered is how this was even able to go on for so long.

Multiple students beat on this kid violently for several minutes.

While there are only 21 seconds in the video, the mother of the child has maintained the attack went on for much longer.

Near the end of that video, the girl is literally banging the boy’s head up against the side of the bus.

Where was the school bus driver in all of this?

How was the bus not immediately stopped to break up this fight and help this boy?

If we accept the mother’s claim to be true regarding the Trump hat, this was clearly a black on white hate crime and should be prosecuted as such.

However, the local police are saying at this time, it is NOT a hate crime.

Liberals in this country always rail about racism. They are still pushing reparations!

Yet, when a crime like this occurs, all we hear are crickets.

If they truly want racism to end, crimes such as this must be recognized for what they are or you only add more fuel to the fire for racism to feed off.

Thankfully, a local lawyer is now involved and will be representing this family to ensure that the boy gets some justice.

With the viciousness of this beating, those kids deserve to be prosecuted as adults for assault, especially the girl at the end of the video.

What justice will actually come of this? Well, that remains to be seen.