Report: Terrorist Activities Being Completely IGNORED By Biden Team


America is being subjected to up-to-the-minute spot report news alerts as Imperial Leader Joe Biden hitchhikes his oblivious way across Europe. Meanwhile, his administration and the lame stream media are entirely ignoring the domestic terrorists operating openly in Seattle, Washington. Not the ones peacefully rioting against law enforcement in the streets, but another guerrilla unit assigned to disrupt operations at the seaport.

Antifa® report success

On Saturday, as described in the latest report bulletin, the Seattle branch of Antifa® Black Lives Matter™ insurrectionists formed a violent Jew-hating lynch mob and tried to drag a female security guard from a vehicle at the Port of Seattle, after smashing her car window.

The unsuspecting woman’s alleged crime? Conspiracy to allow an Israeli ship to dock. The vessel still hasn’t been allowed to drop anchor and nobody has any plans to assist the crew of ZIM San Diego either. The police wouldn’t even come to the rescue of the security guard.

According to one report, for more than ten days, “the ZIM San Diego, a large container ship owned by an Israeli shipping company, has remained moored in the middle of Elliot Bay near Seattle.”

The reason why? “Antifa®-backed, anti-Israel groups have threatened to block the ship from unloading.” They didn’t just threaten.


The ZIM SD won’t unload a single thing until BLM gets some reparations. Until then, they’re also hyping up the anti-Israel BDS movement. They’re shooting themselves in the foot with that part and they don’t even realize it.

A report tweeted by Falastiniyat earlier notes, “thanks to your pressure through the #BlockTheBoat campaign, the ZIM SD has now been anchored in Elliott Bay for a full week! We believe they may try and dock as early as FRIDAY!! With over 1200 subscriptions on our text alerts, and many more following our updates on social media, we are ready for you Zim!” They go on to urge Antifa® acolytes to “keep the pressure up by uploading pictures of the ZIM SD vessel with hashtags #ZiMisAfraid and #BlockTheBoatSeattle!”

Still not unloaded

Another report in from The Post Millennial explains that “the ship has not been unloaded due to the protesters harassing port workers entering the facility and continued threats against them.” It was due to slip into port and drop anchor on Saturday but “over 200 protesters from Falestinyat and Antifa® showed up to stop them.” As workers arrived, they “were heckled, and in some cases, attacked.”

A “female security guard trying to enter the Port of Seattle Saturday to get to work, was reportedly mobbed by a group of anti-Israel protesters. Her rear window was smashed and her was car dented.”

They also report that the radicals didn’t really think through the whole boycott the Jews thing. “Israeli goods and companies are regularly targeted by the antisemitic Boycott, Divest, Sanction movement which is committed to stopping the sale of goods from the Jewish state.”

The unwashed socialist masses are clueless that studies “have shown that the BDS movement has little to no effect on Israel but rather, adversely affects retailers in other countries that are attempting to sell the products, Palestinians and Arabs who work for Israeli companies, as well as workers who ship the products.”

So, if you’re waiting for things like “general goods, machinery, spare parts such as parts for cars from China and Korea,” you may have to wait a while, the report says. A long while. The boat sits in limbo because of the flag it flies. “According to the summary, there is no Israeli cargo on board only imports to the US from China and Korea.”

That means that the Jews won’t feel a thing because they have insurance but “those primarily impacted by the actions of the activists will be local stores, consumers, and the workers at the port.” Many of them “only get paid if the ship is unloaded. Many truck drivers only get paid if they pick up and drop off containers. If they are blocked, they will not get paid, impacting their livelihood and their families.” Gee, thanks Antifa®! Thanks a lot!


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