Report: Hunter Biden Accused of Smoking Crack at D.C. Strip Club

Hunter Biden
Photo via CBC News YouTube Video Screenshot

Hunter Biden is meme gold these days, and the hits just keep coming.

According to a new Page Six report, Hunter Biden has been accused of smoking crack inside a Washington D.C. strip club late last year.

Once a Crackhead…

Hunter Biden’s past problems with drugs and alcohol are not exactly a secret.

His conduct has always been an obstacle for Joe Biden and it will continue to be throughout this election.

After all, Joe regularly preaches to everyone about moral fabric, but he literally has a son that is a deadbeat dad.

Nobody will ever admit it, but it seems pretty clear that Joe Biden pulled some strings to get Hunter a direct commission into the Navy.

Now, Hunter was well past the age cutoff and had a history of drug abuse, both normal disqualifiers, yet Hunter somehow got his commission.

He then managed to embarrass his father shortly thereafter by testing positive in a drug test, which then resulted in Hunter being booted from the Navy.

Hunter was supposed to have been clean, but he got caught with drugs again in 2016.

He just does not seem to be able to give up the pipe, even when he knows it is going to cost his father considerably.

More Bad News for Joe

This latest story is going to cause Joe Biden considerable problems because it falls right in line with Hunter’s problem in Arkansas.

Earlier this month, Hunter was forced to take a court-ordered DNA test in a paternity suit.

That test came back positive, proving Biden was the father of a young woman’s child from Arkansas.

She alleged that she and Hunter had an affair while she was going to school in D.C.

Within the time frame of the affair, we are now finding out that Hunter was a regular at Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club, where he allegedly threw down drinks with the best of them.

One night, according to staff, they smelled something similar to burning Styrofoam, and they believed Hunter was smoking crack in the VIP room.

After a staff member spoke to Hunter about it, suddenly the smell went away.

According to staff, Hunter would show up about once a month and just blow through money for two straight days, then disappear again until the following month, more than likely waiting for his next check to come in from his board position.

At least now we know Hunter was putting all that Burisma money to good use!

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  1. So what was the sex toy that they used on Hunter Biden. Is that what he’s charging to get a line of crack for free. Taking on after his Daddy being somebody’s whore.


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