Report: Democrat House Judiciary Member’s Husband Paid $700k by Corrupt Ukraine Oligarch

Corruption from top to bottom!
Photo via PBS NewsHour YouTube Video Screenshot

The more we dig into this impeachment hoax, the more it looks like Democrats are doing this to protect their own corrupt interests.

I recently came across a 2018 headline about Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-FL) that creates financial ties between her camp and that of Igor Kolomisky, a corrupt Ukraine oligarch.

New and Corrupt

Mucarsel-Powell is a freshman congresswoman who unseated Rep. Carlos Curbelo.

Her seat is one of the formerly red seats in Congress Republicans want to get back very badly come 2020.

Rep. Mucarsel-Powell also happens to be the House Judiciary Committee, the same committee that penned the articles of impeachment against Trump.

As it turns out, her husband, Robert Powell, has been serving as the general counsel for a group of companies with financial ties to Igor Kolomoisky.

During that time, he was paid at least $695,000, which was the bulk of the family’s income during that timeframe.

When his wife was in the middle of her campaign, Powell issued a statement on the subject.

“I have never worked for, represented, answered to, or received any payment from Mr. Kolomoisky at any time.”

Now, Powell may have never taken money directly from Kolomoisky, but the fact he was representing companies with financial ties to him makes that an argument in semantics.

Point being, Kolomoisky may not have handed Powell the check, but the money that was in that bank account probably came from Kolomoisky.

Who is Kolomoisky?

Why all of this is important is because of the reputation that surrounds Kolomoisky.

He has been accused of embezzlement, murder, and bribery in recent years.

In 2016, in the midst of a lawsuit, hitmen that were reportedly hired by Kolomoisky to kill a former partner involved in the lawsuit against him wound up dead.

Kolomoisky, of course, has denied all these allegations.

His assets have also been frozen at one point from by London’s courts after allegations were made against Kolomoisky for siphoning about $2 billion from PrivatBank.

So, to put it all together, we have a brand new congresswoman whose household bills were being paid by a corrupt Ukraine oligarch voting for the impeachment of Trump because he wanted Ukraine corruption investigated that could have possibly involved Joe Biden.

And Democrats wonder why they can’t get public support for this farce.