Report: Clinton Foundation on Verge of Financial Collapse

Clinton Foundation

Remember all that talk about how the Clinton pay-to-play scheme was dismissed by Democrats as a hoax and a conspiracy theory?

Since Hillary and Bill Clinton have become more or less irrelevant in the political arena, the money has dried up for the Clinton Foundation.

No Influence, No Money

The year leading up to the election, the Clinton Foundation took in about $116 million.

In 2016, Hillary’s last year in the spotlight, the Clinton Foundation took in $70 million.

In 2017, that number suddenly dropped to $38 million.

In 2018, the Clinton Foundation took in just under $31 million.

You see the pattern here?


What is even more telling as to how corrupt the Clinton Foundation is, is the losses the Foundation has taken since the last big year in 2015.

According to reports, the Clinton Foundation has posted a loss of at least $16 million every year since and including 2016.

Still Getting Paid

Even though the Foundation is struggling, management is still getting paid, however.

Bruce Lindsey, the Foundation’s director, is still raking in $362,000 per year.

He is also pushing back against the reports, stating, “These reports are not accurate. Our entire 990 shows our work was fully funded by donations, grants, savings from prior years, and interest from our endowment.

“In the last year, the Clinton Foundation’s programs have grown to help more people, and we are committed to operating programs that are effective, efficient, and sustainable.”

Outside donations are clearly drying up, as is obvious from the tax records, and they are drying up more than people realize.

Chelsea Clinton, for instance, donates 100 percent of her speaking fees to the charity, so that probably accounts for a significant portion of the charity’s income considering how many appearances she makes every year.

I just find it odd that Trump’s charity was investigated, yet the Clinton Foundation and the National Action Network, both of whom have proven to have rather questionable financial practices, continue to operate unscathed by our government.


  1. Who cares.Where are the indictments of the Clinton’s.They ran a pay to play foundation. What happened to that no good prosecutor who was to be investigating the Clinton foundation? The one from Utah. Is he still alive? Has he found nothing in 3 years. Another commie prosecutor protecting the corrupt Clinton’s.

  2. What? what happened to the money received BEFORE the presidential election in 2016, from the following countries, that the Clinton Foundation received:
    (Using M for Million..Saudi and T for Thousand).10-25 M; Kuwait 5 to 10 M; Norway 10 to 25 M; UK 1-5 M; United Arab 1-5 M; Sultan/Oman 1-5 M; Ireland 1-5 M; Qutar 1-5 M; Australia 10-5 M; Netherlands 5-10 M; Morroco 1-5 M; Taiwan 500 T to 1 M; Italy 100-250 T; Canada 100-250 T; Bahrain 50-100 T; Algeria 250-500 T; Germany 100-250 T.

  3. If that was Trumps foundation they would be trying to shut it down and then try to impeach him because of it…you know…. when the shoe is on the other foot!


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