REPORT: Clinton Fall Guy Makes Shocking Admission About Dominion


The same Clinton family fall guy who handled Christopher Steele is going to have a real hard time getting life insurance quotes after the shocking to Democrats admission he just made about Dominion Voting Systems.

Daring to question Dominion

Daring to question Democrat domination isn’t healthy these days. When Sidney Powell and Lin Wood put Dominion Voting Systems under the election integrity microscope they got sued for billions. The Deep State doesn’t fear them.

The Truth used to be a defense to defamation charges but defining the truth is a slippery thing these days. It seems to be whatever the Democrats say it is. That’s what makes Marc Elias such a high insurance risk.

A high-ranking Democrat, Elias was trusted with the sensitive operation of handling Christopher Steele and personally seeing he was paid for his creative writing job on the infamous dirty dossier.

The Perkins Coie associate attorney is now writing in official court documents that “thousands of votes may have been switched or changed by Dominion voting machines,” globalists are going spastic. They can’t have it both ways. Either Elias has become a turncoat traitor to the New World Order, or Powell and her Kraken were on to something after all.

The Democrats never imagined when they put him in charge of defending Democrat candidates that he would take “a page out of the Donald Trump playbook.”

The thing that makes him such a high suicide risk is he defended Anthony Brindisi of the 22nd Congressional District by declaring he has “reason to believe that voting tabulation machines misread hundreds if not thousands of valid votes as undervotes, and that these tabulation machine errors disproportionately affected Brindisi.” They were Dominion machines.

The Vince Foster Club

If he wasn’t Hillary Clinton’s favorite “fixer,” Elias would already be a victim of one smear or another. Either smeared in the press like Powell and Wood, or splattered on the pavement like too many others to name.

He’s so suicidally depressed he actually mentioned Dominion in the same sentence with fraud, poor man. He’ll be joining the Vince Foster club in no time.

With Imperial Leader Biden safely installed as Governor of the Northern half of North Central America on behalf of the New World Order, open borders globalist Democrats can proceed with their plans for domination.

With Donald Trump squashed like a bug, his deplorable supporters have been hiding in the trees, waiting for the National Guard to go home. The legitimacy of their government starts getting a little shaky when Dominion machines are implicated for flipping votes, especially when it was allegedly done against a Democrat candidate. That’s just wrong.

The only thing that Democrats can do now is call him a liar. They stood up for him when he claimed that “the Clinton campaign didn’t fund” Christopher Steele. Not only was that a lie, he knew it was a lie because he made the payments.

It’s now a proven fact that the money was paid to Steele “as a legal expense,” it went through “Elias as counsel for the campaign.” He lied then so he must be lying now about Dominion, right? “What is Truth anyway?” Asked Pontius Pilate.


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