REPORT: AZ Audit Chief Announcement


There’s good news coming out from the big independent accounting of the 2020 election results. According to audit director Ken Bennett, everything is moving forward smoothly “despite continued attempts by Democrats to derail the process.”

Audit picking up steam

Former Arizona Secretary of State and current audit director Ken Bennett just announced that “Overnight we went from 20 counting locations on the floor to 46.”

He broke the good news on Sunday, adding that hopefully, “in the next day or two, they will be ready to fully staff that and then if we go to three shifts, which we are talking about, we will almost triple our throughput.” They have a lot of ballots to inspect.

Bennett isn’t saying a word about the findings so far, he’s holding that back until the audit is complete. “keeping the data and information secure is the main priority.”

What they’re doing in this stage of the investigation is “counting the ballots and evaluating them for irregularities such as folds or being marked with a Xerox machine as opposed to pen.”

Bennett isn’t happy at all that reporters from the mainstream networks keep “attempting to intimidate poll workers by taking photos of their license plates.”

The dedicated deplorables aren’t “stopping the hand recount until it’s complete.” It’s not the only contest going under the microscope either. It’s being reported that “another election audit is underway in a small New Hampshire town.”

The ‘Windham incident’

In New Hampshire, their state election officials “are struggling to choose a contractor to perform the election audit following the stunning revelations of the so-called Windham incident.” Selectman Bruce Breton relates that their state’s appointment of Mark Lindeman as chief election auditor is dangerous.

Lindeman, he notes, “has already criticized a similar audit in Arizona.” Deplorables there are “supporting the candidacy of Jovan Pulitzer who’s been vocal about election fraud.”

Windham’s local government is scheduled to meet Monday night to kick around the vote over who gets hired to do their audit. If Lindeman gets his way, the liberals will be doing jumping jacks, knowing that he’ll turn a blind eye to even the clearest evidence the election was compromised.

Every day, more and more patriotic nationalists are complaining about life in a post-constitutional America.

No matter what happens in the Arizona audit, the public is stuck with the accepted official result. Even if the Biden administration is illegitimate, the Palace is fully in control of the Pentagon.

All deplorables can do is continue to insist on election integrity and transparency. The 2022 mid-terms will be the next big test of whether we can pull back from the brink of the New World Order globalist takeover.


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