Rep. Omar Makes Ridiculous Demand of Trump

Ilhan Omar
Photo via CBS This Morning YouTube Video Screenshot

If we are to believe recent reports, Ilhan Omar is currently being investigated by at least 2, possibly 3 federal agencies.

Yet, here she is, railing against Trump and demanding he resign ASAP…

The Last Person…

If there is one person in Congress right now that should be keeping a low profile, it should be Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

Omar has already been hit for a campaign finance violation.

She is currently under investigation for other possible violations, but her problems do not stop there.

The Department of Justice recently appointed an FBI agent to look into possible criminal acts by Omar, dating back to 2009.

At the heart of her possible legal problems is immigration fraud and student loan fraud.

Based on interview transcripts, Omar may have lied to ICE more than half a dozen times.

She also has a very questionable marriage that enabled her to gain funds via state and federal grants and loans.

Omar, while reportedly living with one man, was married to another, then conveniently separated from him after her college education was completed (recently, the couple formally filed for divorce).

Point being, those skeletons in Omar’s closet are just about to break out.

The GAO Decision

There was a lot made about the GAO opinion that Donald Trump broke the law, and Omar even cited that in her tweet.

Dems, however, seem to have ignored the seven times the GAO decreed that Obama broke the law.

You may not know this, but the move made by Obama to exchange terrorists for Bergdahl was one of the seven times that Obama was deemed to have broken the law.

By law, Obama was required to give Congress a 30-day notice prior to making such an exchange, but he went rogue and did it on his own.

This is the problem with both sides of the aisle… every single one of them is a hypocrite.

In 1999, Schumer said there was no need to call witnesses, that the tens of thousands of pages of evidence and testimony should be enough for the Senate to make a decision.

Today, he says in order to have a fair trial, witnesses are a must.

So. Ms. Omar, if any other president would have resigned by now, please explain why Obama never considered it and you are still sitting in your congressional seat.


  1. She’s the one who should be packing up and going home! Better yet, why doesn’t she turn in her USA citizenship and return to Kenya? or Somalia… which ever. She obviously doesn’t want to be in the USA.

  2. Doubt anything will be done as with all the investigation that have been done in the past with solid evidence hardly anyone has been charged or at least if they are a democrat.

  3. By the strict Shariah law she claims to uphold, she should have been executed for her actions. She very likely will be executed upon returning to Somalia! Not that, that will be a loss.

  4. I have a reasonable and proper demand of Omar:
    Get the hell out of our country. You don’t belong here. You lied and cheated and broke laws when you came here and you should be forcability deported back to your feces pit country.

  5. This woman is against our country. She is not a loyal American and should be removed from office as soon as possible. There must be some idiots in her voting district or they are all Muslims that should be sent back to where they came from and that includes her.


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