Red State Lifts Gun Restrictions Allowing Citizens to Stay Protected from Violent Biden Voters


Liberals in the crimson red state of Montana are terrified, especially the ones in the university. Conservative citizens need protection from violent Biden voters who like to riot in the street, throw Molotov cocktails and burn police stations. They just got virtually all gun restrictions lifted. Democrats are scrambling to lock themselves in a panic room with a can of Play-Doh.

Your gun is welcome here

In Montana, the state legislature made it crystal clear that your gun is welcome in public, either carried open or concealed. Liberals are screaming in horror but the police don’t expect any uptick in the homicide rate.

Most of Montana goes around packing heat anyway. You never know what kind of varmint is likely to get the jump on you out on the range, or at the ATM.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed the measure, HB 102 into law. They called it the “constitutional carry” bill because it allows “gun owners to carry firearms without a permit in most places across the state.”

Even on university campuses which has progressives frantic. They got an extension just to bring in counselors. “For the university system, law won’t go into effect until June; for everywhere else the law is already in force.”


The new law “explicitly allows no-permit open or concealed carrying in bars and banks, also stipulates that public spaces likewise must allow the open or concealed carry of firearms.”


The only places you can’t carry a gun are “Courtrooms, federal buildings, military bases and areas in airports beyond the security checkpoint.”

Strips university authority

The university system in the state of Montana managed to prohibit weapons on campus but not anymore. The new gun law specifically strips the “authority from the state’s university system to regulate firearms on campuses, prohibiting the board of regents ‘from enforcing or coercing compliance with any rule or regulation that diminishes or restricts the rights of the people’ to keep or bear arms.”

It does however allow local governments to “prevent and suppress the carrying of unpermitted concealed weapons or the carrying of unconcealed weapons to a publicly owned and occupied building under its jurisdiction.”

Police aren’t expecting the new law to have much impact on day-to-day operations. As Lt. Brandon Wooley notes, “what’s already been enacted won’t likely have much impact on the department’s day-to-day work.”


“That’s because what constitutes illegal behavior with a firearm hasn’t changed.” You still can’t “possess a gun while drunk, or for people prohibited by law — say through a criminal conviction.”

He says that they “don’t have any anticipation that there’s going to be some increase in weapons complaints or gun crime, or anything like that related to it.” They do, however, expect a drop in petty thefts and burglaries.


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