Real Life ‘Breaking Bad’-Style Meth Lab Discovered

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad

There’s no question that “Breaking Bad” is a popular show, but a recent drug bust has revealed a real-life “Breaking Bad” meth lab…

A man accused of drug and theft-related charges is now being booked into jail after he was linked to a Breaking Bad-style RV meth lab. Breaking Bad is a television show that first aired in 2008, and it ran for 5 seasons until 2013.

Although it started out with relatively low ratings, the show would soon turn a corner and pick up a loyal audience. By the final season, the show had become a huge critical success that could easily have been compared to other great television shows such as the Sopranos.

Since this show has now concluded, creator Vince Gilligan is now following up on the series with the 2019 film release El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, where the exploits of Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman are portrayed as a spin-off of sorts after the series concluded. Breaking Bad also has a spin-off prequel called “Better Call Saul.” This show too has received universal acclaim.

According to a tweet from the Phoenix Arizona Police Department, a man has been arrested because he has engaged in Breaking Bad-style criminal activity. This was triggered due to the man’s attempted theft from a home improvement store, and police officers found “chemicals and lab equipment” inside this man’s RV, which pointed to evidence of a mobile drug lab.

This leads us back to Breaking Bad, where the Walter White character and his assistant Jesse Pinkman used a mobile RV to create a meth lab in the Albuquerque desert so that they could avoid arousing suspicion. Thus it isn’t a surprise that this show is now inspiring real-world events.

Obviously, the Breaking Bad show was criticized in the past for normalizing drug use and other related offenses, but these criticisms did not appear to have any merit or evidence to back them up.

Was Breaking Bad the inspiration for these real-life events? It’s hard to tell, but there is no question that the series has influenced TV and film in innumerable ways. Well-known director Rian Johnson worked on Breaking Bad as director of the infamous episode “Fly” before he went on to direct Knives Out, Looper, or the Last Jedi.

Series lead Bryan Cranston has gone on to work on several Hollywood blockbusters as well. No word on whether this perpetrator of this mobile meth lab in Phoenix was a fan of the show, however.