Rashida Tliab On The War Path Again

Rashida Tliab

The Death Of 17 Year Old Israeli Student Is The Fault Of Israel Says Rep Rashida Tliab

Michigan Rep and Squad member Rashida Tliab is blaming Israel again for the death of 17 year old Israeli student, Rina Shnerb. Her father, and brother were hiking with her near the West Bank at Ein Bubin Spring on August 23.

A bomb was triggered from a remote location as the family approached the area. Rina was killed immediately, her brother and father were badly injured. Tliab the first Palestinian American woman elected to Congress ran unopposed in the 2016 election.

Tliab,42, took to twitter, “This is absolutely tragic and horrible. My heart goes to Rina’s family.” She could have left it there, however she has something else to say. Tliab said, “More than ever we need t support non violent approaches to ending Israeli occupation.”She added, “We need to guarantee equal rights for all.”

Talib Implied That The Bomb Was The Result Of “Israel’s Oppressive Polices

Talib retweeted tweets from anti-Israel organizations,, that spewed hatred towards the Jewish State. Tliab went on to imply that the terror attack was the direct result of Israeli polices.

This has been a pattern with Tliab since she took office in January. She has used her large platform to perpetuate anti-Israel propaganda. Terrorist group ‘Hamas’ said the August 23rd bombing was an indicated ‘the vitality and bravery of the Palestinian people’.

The Israel Defense Forces reported that Palestinian’s in the West Bank celebrated the killing of Rina by passing out candies. The month of August has seen a lot of needless blood shed in Israel. On August 7th, 18 year old Yeshiva student, Div Sorek was stabbed to death by 3 Palestinians in the West Bank. When his body was found, he was still holding the books he just bought for his teachers. The Palestinian Authority, (PA) celebrated his murder by dancing and passing out candies.


Tliab Continues To Spread Falsehoods About The State Of Israel

Over the weekend Tliab said Israel needed ‘to guarantee equal rights for all.’ The Knesset Israel’s governing body has 120 members, which include 12 non Jews, 5 LGBTQ members, and 29 women.

The Palestinian Authority banned any and all LGBTQ events in the West Bank. Saying ‘it goes against everything in the Coran, and it acts as a distraction’.

Tliab regularly makes disparaging remarks about Israel and their polices. On several occasions she has ‘compared the polices of Israel to the “apartheid of South Africa’. She has also compared ‘The fight between Israel and Palestinians to America’s Civil Rights Issues.

When Tliab first began making anti-Israel statements in January, they were considered shocking. With time, her anti-Semitic remarks seldom receive a whisper, they seem to be accepted ‘as normal’.

Her remarks do not go unnoticed by the Anti Defamation League, (ADL) Earlier this month the ADL called out Tliab and Rep. Ilhan Omar for circulating hateful cartoons about the Holocaust. These cartoons were the produced in Iran and are extremely anti-Semitic.



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