Rashida Tlaib Openly Supporting Terrorists and Betraying Oath of Office


Palestinian terrorist turned American lawmaker Rashida Tlaib just stuck her foot in her mouth again to betray her oath of office on social media. The open anti-Semite is hopping mad at Israel for bulldozing the home of a fellow Palestinian terrorist. Twitter refuses to censor her vile comments, because liberals can say whatever they want.

Tlaib opens fire

Rashida Tlaib is allegedly in charge of making laws and representing the people of her district in Michigan. Instead, she prefers to represent the interests of Palestinian terrorists.

Rashida couldn’t wait to get on Twitter, tapping out to the twits who follow her antics, “Reminder: Apartheid government is not a democracy. We must stop our taxpayer dollars being used to violently oppress the Palestinians.” The Palestinian being violently oppressed also “murdered a teenager and critically wounded two others.”

Tlaib is furious the Israelis would dare to bulldoze such a historic landmark to the Arabs. “Just this week, Israel demolished and leveled the home of a Palestinian family in the beloved village of Turmusaya. For what? To dehumanize.”

That’s her opinion and here in America she can voice it. They don’t have so much freedom in other parts of the planet, especially in repressive religious regimes.

Without consulting Rashida Tlaib about it first, on Wednesday night, the Israel Defense Forces “demolished the home of Muntassir Shalabi, the terrorist with American citizenship who opened fire at a group of Israelis last month, killing 19-year-old Yehuda Guetta and seriously wounding two others.”


Rashida acts like Joe Biden wrote the check for it personally. “We must stop our taxpayer dollars being used to violently oppress the Palestinians.” That’s easy to do when not a cent went to the operation.

Say his name

Over in Israel, writer and activist Hen Mazzig had a response for the liberal congresswoman. “Here is Rashida Tlaib mourning the loss of a home that belonged to a terrorist who gunned down a random Jewish teenager.” It’s funny how she can be so upset over a house. “Rashida has not mourned his murder — nor even acknowledged it. His name was Yehuda Guetta.” Jewish activist groups have Rashida on their radar too.

Stop Antisemitism tweeted, “Reminder: a US Congresswoman is defending a murderer who brutally killed a Jewish teenager.” It didn’t escape them that Rashida’s priorities are a little bit skewed. “Bricks and mortar matter more than human life to Rashida. Shameful.”

Our official Palace Minister of State is on the side of Tlaib and the terrorists too. The U.S. State Department also condemned the demolition as punitive. “As we stated numerous times, the home of an entire family should not be demolished for the actions of one individual.”

The victim’s father, Elisha Guetta, expressed outrage that America would support terror. His family is “shocked that the US is condemning the demolition of [the home of] my son’s murderer and is supporting a terrorist who arrived from the US to carry out a vicious shooting terror attack against innocent Jewish students.”

Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll also had a few observations for Tlaib. “Reminder: Jewish blood is no longer cheap. The owner of this home killed a 19 yr old and wounded two others. He’s a US citizen and apparently has multiple wives, here and in the US. It might be possible to take you semi seriously if you expressed any integrity in your advocacy.”

International human rights lawyer Arsen Ostrovsky actually dared to call her out as a “Hamas lobbyist.” Rashida, he says, “omits to mention is fact that this home belonged to a Palestinian terrorist who murdered a Jewish Israeli man.”