Rashida Tlaib ‘F*** Trumps ‘National Day of Prayer’

Rashida Tlaib
Photo Courtesy of MPAC International via Creative Commons License

President Trump has bent over backward to create unity during this crisis to ensure we defeat it as quickly as possible.

One measure Trump took was to invoke a “National Day of Prayer” on Sunday.

After David Hogg, Parkland shooting survivor and now anti-gun activist, sent out a tweet saying “F*** a National day of prayer,” and Rep. Tlaib retweeted it (she has since deleted it).


After Tlaib sent out her retweet, the social media world came down on her rather quickly.

She eventually deleted her tweet, then tried to recover, tweeting…


First Reaction, True Reaction

Twitter has become the equivalent of truth serum for far too many people.

I have tried to make it a personal habit of putting my phone down for about five minutes when I am responding to a hot topic to ensure I don’t send out something I would regret later.

Tlaib would be wise to follow that advice, as would many other politicians.

Apologies by public figures are not something I generally take seriously.

Had the left celebrated her retweeting of Hogg’s tweet, she never would have backed down.

ONLY because she was called out did she issue an apology.

Tlaib is a thug in office, and nothing more.

If you recall, when she won her 2018 election, she became infamous for saying “We are going to impeach this Mother F***er.”

If these words were coming out of the mouth of a conservative, rest assured, there would be complete outrage.

Instead, the media simply ignores this and even the Democrats refuse to call her out on her foul-mouthed rants.


  1. The SOONER , the Four Members of the Squad are sent Packing, the BETTER ! They all need to be ONE Term DemonRatts ! How does this BOY Hogge get to use the F-Word on twitter and anybody else is Banned from the platform !

  2. Tlaib is a skank, trash, and a bottom feeder just like the majority Palestinians. They are the cock roaches of the Arab world. Not even other Muslim countries will take them as refugees. If Israel didn’t feed them, give them jobs and medical care , they would dead. That foul Bitch Tlaib is unfit to live in a world that isn’t full of trash like her. I doubt that she prays even to that rag they call a prayer book. We should give her a one way ticket to visit her old granny in Palestine. No return. Let her rot in the dung heap with her ancestore’s.

  3. Trump did not name who to pray to but, he wants people to pray. Rashida Tlaib (the dipshit) needs to be sanctioned and removed from Congress sooner than later.

  4. Gosh, are you ever ugly ! How can you live with that trash mouth of yours? Are all Palestinians as ugly and nasty as you are? You would be better off going home to the Old Country and spew your venom on people over there. We sure don’t need your kind in the USA.


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