Rap Group Goes on Murdering Spree Against Rival Rap Group…BLM SILENT


One rap group gang can draw down on a rival in the street and start blasting any time they want. It’s a Black thing. Black lives only matter to BLM® when they belong to criminals killed by police in the line of duty.

Rap rival ‘retired’

A matched pair of killer gangster rappers went hippity hopping like the Easter bunny from a murder scene in Texas, trying to skip back to the bayou. They didn’t make it.

Law enforcement in two states charged two Louisiana rappers with the killing of rival Texas hip-hop artist Michael Brock. He couldn’t keep a beat they claim.

Deputies of the Chambers County Sheriff pulled the two over east of Houston on Thursday, June 10. While they were in the process of arresting 19-year-old Quardavion Tyvon White, a member of Louisiana rap group “The Fours,” his wingman, Tauj Chardez Taplin, also 19, “fled in the car after the traffic stop.”

They just got done bringing down the final curtain on rival Texas rapper Michael Brock.

The way police explain it, Brock and other members of the rap group Three-13 were hiding out in the Sunset Acres Housing Complex in Bogalusa, Louisiana after receiving death threats from their rival.

They weren’t just threats. According to police, Taplin “knocked on the door and shot Brock when he answered. After the shooting, Taplin jumped into a get-away car.” White, with alleged “ties to a Chicago-based gang named the Gangster Disciples,” was behind the wheel.


High speed chase

After whacking their hip-star rival, “the two engaged in a high speed chase with police.” The ride was so wild that the police gave up. They say it “endangered the innocent lives on the highways.”

A spokesperson from the Bogalusa Police Department said that “they were able to make the arrests using intelligence gathered from the ROCIC Intelligence Unit.”

Rather than chase roving rival gangsters through Cajun country, they decided to wait for one of the license plate readers to spot the fugitive, or for him to use his cellphone so they could pick it up from the air with the good ole “Dirtbox.”

Later, “the Louisiana State Police located Taplin and arrested him near Lake Charles,” using “surveillance video from the housing complex.”

Now that they gunned their rival rapper down in cold blood, they won’t be cutting any tracks for a while. Not unless the prison provides studio space.

Maybe they can have their cells covered in acoustic foam. “Both men faced charges for the fatal shooting of Brock as well as for scuffling with the police and a vehicle pursuit in Texas.”


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