Rancher Finds Something Odd Sticking Out of The Ground…When Researchers Arrive, They’re Completely SHOCKED


There is no question that ranchers have to be about their business. They have to check their cattle, assist with birthing, make sure that they keep predators at bay, and a litany of other things.

When a South Dakota rancher discovered something sticking out of the ground, he probably thought that it was something to be avoided, something that would distract his cattle.

However, when the rancher got closer, he realized that whatever the thing was, it was not only not budging at all, but it looked to some type of large bone! That’s when the rancher decided to contact the National Forest Service, and it’s a good thing that he did. 

David Schmidt is an Associate Professor of Geology and Environmental Science, and he along with three of his current students and four alumni, embarked on their seventh Westminster fossil expedition within the Grand River National Grassland.

While they were definitely excited by the rancher’s report, they weren’t expecting anything more than just some fragments of dinosaur bones along with perhaps a complete bone every now and then.

However, once they heard more of the rancher’s description, they realized that this wouldn’t be their ordinary dinosaur hunt. 

In short, the group ended up uncovering a 3,000 pound Triceratops skull that they nicknamed “Shady” after the nearby town of Shadehill.


After carefully digging up the skull, they transported it to Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, and they are storing the skull in a safe location until it can be properly displayed. It might take some time before the funds can be raised to safely display it. 

There were some other bones that were left behind, and they won’t be dug up for at least another year. Even though coronavirus has plagued us for months now, the group of eight was easily able to follow the guidelines simply by camping outside during the two-month task of digging up this Triceratops skull.


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