Race Baiting ‘Rap Artist’ Shares Flight Brawl in Hopes of Becoming Famous


Kiera Pierre Louis is hoping to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame by going on a race rant. She calls herself a “hip-hop” artist and goes by the stage name “Milli Miami.” She happened to be in the right place at the right time to record a spontaneous fist-fight.

Not every fight involves race

Without a single shred of evidence or any idea what really happened, Kiera threw down the race card. She may hippity-hop like the Easter Bunny but her racism is on clear display. She “pre-judged” the “White guy” as the villain but it turns out that maybe it wasn’t even a racial issue at all.

In any case, the person of color declined to press charges so must have felt at least partially responsible for what happened. The “Black guy” isn’t making a big deal about it but mulatto Milli is offended for both of them.

Kiera Pierre Louis “couldn’t believe what was going on,” so she filmed it and sold the clip to the local news station as soon as she got off the plane.

Not only is this a race issue, the video involves profanity so viewers are warned to mute the volume if sensitive listeners are around. The Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami was routine and everything was fine until the plane taxied up to the gate.

Ms. Louis didn’t managed to catch the beginning of the brawl on tape but from what she recorded once she got her phone into action, she’s convinced it was a race war.

“You can see the white man on top of the Black passenger just beating him between the seats.” Ever think maybe he deserved it for some reason? Kiera didn’t “The flight attendant got involved. The white man’s wife got involved. His son, I believed his son’s girlfriend. Everyone was just involved.”

Maybe some new clothes

Kiera had to make sure she got involved too. Those outfits she wears on stage aren’t cheap and the coin she picked up peddling her phone video was just what she needed to finance a shopping trip in Miami.

Since Black Lives Matterâ„¢ so much these days, she made sure to play the race card. She had a whole fistful and threw them down like she was playing for her life.

As the brawl continued, “several people, including a flight attendant, tried to intervene.” They got them separated but the Black guy tried to jump over the seats for round two, until they restrained him again.

After that, there was a race for the exit. Ms. Lewis is totally offended that “the white guy was allowed to leave the plane, while the Black guy was told to stay behind.”

She made sure to throw down one race card after another. “Racism, of course, the Black passengers had to wait on the plane, when he didn’t even start it, and the police walked right past, while we were walking off the plane, walked right past the person, the white man who actually initiated everything.” To set the record straight, Miami-Dade Police report that “the Black passenger wasn’t held back but decided to stay so he could file a police report.”

Once he realized the White guy could file one against him too, he “changed his mind and didn’t press charges.” Speculation from local news sources relates that the altercation may have started when one of the two men allegedly “took too long to get his belongings out of the overhead compartment.” Apparently the other party was “Jonesing” for some nicotine and wanted to get off that plane as soon as humanly possible. He didn’t care if the guy slowing him down was purple, he just wanted off that plane.